Go-to guy leads Jarvis Travelers to ISC World Tournament Title

Written by Bob on August 27th, 2011

Don Scott went from supporting pitcher to the “go-to guy” in the 2011 ISC World Tournament.

Photo By Jamie L. Clark

Sebringville, Ontario – Being counted on as the “go-to guy,” the pitcher who carries his team to an ISC World Tournament championship hasn’t appeared on Don Scott’s pitching resume.

For the past five world tournaments, Scott has found himself in a supporting role, backing up the likes of Todd Martin and Adam Folkard – two of the greatest pitchers in ISC history.

Scott gives no argument that Martin and Folkard deserve top billing. Trailing those two on the depth chart is certainly no embarrassment. And besides, teaming up with Martin and the Kitchener Rivershark Twins, got him two championship rings in 2008 and 2009.

Oh sure, he’s gotten some work: In 2006 he was 1-1 with 20 innings; in ’07, 1-0 with 8 innings; in ’08, 1-0 in 5 innings; and 2-1 with 13 innings in 2009. You get the picture. Scott wasn’t exactly carrying a big workload.

Until this year when he signed with the Jarvis Travelers.

Initially, Scott found himself in a familiar role supporting Folkard, the 2010 World Tournament Outstanding Pitcher who led the Travelers to the title.

However, a few weeks before the start of the 2011 World Tournament, Folkard was sidelined with a shoulder injury. Scott stepped in and performed brilliantly. The right-hander with an explosive rise ball pitched Jarvis to the championship.

Scott, who had never been named to an ISC All-World team, was selected as the LeRoy Zimmerman Outstanding Pitcher for his 6-0 record, 34 innings, 52 strikeouts and 1.65 ERA.

Jarvis manager Steve Kooser was undoubtedly pleased with Scott’s performance over the seven-day tournament that ran from Aug. 14 to 20 in the Quad-Cities of Iowa and Illinois.

Don Scott fires a pitch for the Jarvis, Ontario, Travelers.
Photo By Jamie L. Clark

“He did a great job,” Kooser said. “We couldn’t have done it without him. He was a warrior.”

In the championship game, Scott turned in a gutsy performance in a 5-4 win over New York City / Chicago. Winning a World Tournament championship game was also a milestone for the right-hander, who finished by allowing eight hits and striking out nine.

Scott was all smiles during the post-game awards ceremony. His teammates embraced him, slapped his back and shook his hand.

“There was a lot of congratulations,” Scott said. “They told me that I finally got the recognition I deserved.”

“He carried the team,” said Freddy Terkelsen, who was 2 for 3 in the title game with a two-run double and scored the winning run. “He did an amazing job.”

Freddy Terkelsen, from Horsholm, Denmark, got the big hits in the title game. Photo By Jamie L. Clark

During the awards ceremony, Scott was presented his Outstanding Pitcher award.

“This is hard to describe,” Scott said, from Sebringville, Ontario. “It’s something I’ve never been involved in, but it’s one of the best feelings I’ve ever had.”

Scott said that with Folkard hurt, he figured his innings would increase.

“I knew when Adam went down, I would pretty much have the ball the majority of the time,” he said. “I liked the responsibility of having the ball and taking over more.”

But let’s back up a bit – back to the 2010 World Tournament. There’s a bit of dé·jà vu and an interesting twist to this tale.

Last year, a similar scenario played out. Scott, then with the Twins, was thrust into the No. 1 role when an injury sidelined Martin.

“Basically, I was the second pitcher behind (Martin),” Scott said. “When he got hurt, I had to take over more.”

Scott stepped in, won two ball games, and finished with a 2-1 record with 22 innings under his belt. But he lost a disappointing 4-1 decision in the title game to these same Travelers he joined this season.

“I was on the losing end last year and I’ll tell you, this feels a whole lot better,” Scott said, adding that pitching for the Travelers – the ISC’s No. 1 ranked team has its benefits.

“You can give up a couple of runs and not have to worry about it,” he said. “You know you don’t have to shut everybody out.”

However, it got dicey in the fourth inning of the championship game. The Travelers seemed to have the game in control, leading 5-0. But New York / Chicago jumped on Scott for two runs and were threatening for more.

Kooser called time out. He walked out to the circle for a chat. Was Scott expecting the hook? After all, Andrew Phibbs was warming up in a serious manner.

“They would have had to drag me off the diamond,” Scott said. “I don’t know if I would have left. I would have tried to talk him out of it. Steve told me, ‘relax, we still have the lead, we’re still good.’” Then Kooser showed his confidence in Scott by leaving and letting him pitch his way out of trouble.

“They got a bit of momentum,” Scott said. “It was mostly mentally refocusing and hitting my spots. I had confidence in my players that we would get out of it and come out on top.”

New York / Chicago did score twice more in the sixth, but Scott finished off a strong seventh with two strikeouts to nail down the win.

The Twins folded after the 2010 season, the reason Jarvis signed Scott – possibly the most fortuitous acquisition in the history of the franchise. It turned out to be great timing for Scott as well.

“These are all-world caliber players,” he said of Jarvis. “They are the best from New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Denmark. Being on the best team, you expect to be there (in the championship game) at the end.”

The end.

Scott’s been thinking about that of late. At age 37, he figures he’s got one or two years left. He started pitching as a six-year-old, wanting to be just like his older brother Rob. It’s been a rewarding 32-year career, but one he feels is nearing the finish line.

“I’m hoping for another year or two, then retire,” he said. “It’s been a long run.”

However, there’s one possibility that would definitely prolong that run: a spot on Team Canada in the 2013 International Softball Federation (ISF) World Championship in New Zealand.

“That would be a deciding factor,” Scott said. “Putting on the Canadian uniform instills a lot of pride. That would be something pretty special for me.”

An ISC World Championship. An ISC Outstanding Pitcher award. And possibly a spot on Team Canada, competing for an ISF World Championship. All so well deserved for the supporting pitcher who became the “go-to guy.”

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    Great story. I’m glad you were able to hook up with Don Scott. Who gave you the contact info? Kooser?


  2. Bob says:

    Steve got right back to me. Thanks for providing. Scott was enjoyable to talk with. Humble in his victory and awards.

  3. Wilma Rathwell says:

    Thanks great story for a very deserving guy. We have been following Don for quite a few years and very pleased to see he finally got recognized. Hoping he gets the chance to wear the team Canada uni. Way to go Don

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    Nice to see Don get his deserved accolades!..Congratulations.

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