Todd Budke, from the bleachers to the ISC Hall of Fame

Written by Bob on September 15th, 2011

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  1. eric legge says:

    What was Todd doing before 1994
    when he began playing softball?
    A former baseball player? that was
    checking out the fastpitch game?

  2. Dave Blackburn says:

    Todd was a pitcher in the Minnesota Twins Minor League System for several years. An arm injury ended his baseball pithing career prematurely. I believe that during the MLB strike he played for the NY Yankees replacement Ball Club, and may have been their leading hitter at the time the strike was settled. He was probably a better hitter than half of the actual Yankees at that time. George Steinbrenners loss was Rod Peterson’s gain.

  3. Joe Avila says:

    I was just reading this and thinking back to our days of fast pitch,a big invitational tournament was being held in Bakersfield,Ca. and a young man with a radar gun came over to our warm up area(Clovis Cowboys)sidelines and assked who was Herman Duinkerken and our shortstop said jokingly I,m Duinkerken and the kid put his gun on him as he began to throw,(Gary Hubbard was a very good shortstop and could throw hard but was certainly not in Ralph or Herman’s catagory yet that young man read the gun and said 95) now I’m sure those first guns were not as accurate as the lasers of today but doesn’t that sound like to big a diffarential?

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