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  1. Dean Kane says:

    Congrats to John. Well deserved. He helped sponsor many of my youth teams growing up. The creation of the KC(now Boys of Summer) Tournament by John and my late Uncle Don helped expose me and so many others to the game we love today.

  2. doug noble says:

    I played with a John Miller in 1976 out of Camarillo, Calif., in the WSC. He was as good as Darrel Day of the 73 Aurora – Home Savings team.

  3. Bill Colombo says:

    Congrats John…. I am D’s brother-in-law and enjoyed watching the teams you put together for many years. You can also be very proud of Mark, he has done a great job following in your footsteps as a great sponsor and supporter of the game…..

  4. fred "fritz" allen says:

    I played for The Bar fastpitch team back in the classic fox valley league. It was the opportunity for young fastpitch players to learn, play, and compete at the highest level in the area. The relationships and friendships among sponsor and teammates we developed back then still carry on today, undoubtedly as do the thousands of others due to Johns’ sponsorship. congrats and thanks.

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