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  1. Susan von Hemert says:

    I’m proud to have Mike as a brother!

  2. Rich Freyling says:

    Just like Mike’s sister said I am very proud to have Mike as a friend. I never had the chance to play softball with Mike but I have seen his tenacity and commitment on the golf course. God bless those who had to bat against him. Congratulations Mike you earned it.

  3. Sarah Natt says:

    Way to go Uncle Mike. We are so proud of you! XO

  4. Phil von Hemert says:

    Eight perfect games. Who knew? Mike is such a modest guy. I have to find out what’s going on from Grace, his mom. Congratulations, Mike.

  5. Frank Fiore says:

    Congrats Mike…..Well deserved….

  6. Dorothy E Duffy says:

    You surely deserve every bit and then some. You were always a great player. Eddie passed last year, but he loved to watch you play. And you know he went all over the country. Lots of luck to you in your future endeavors.

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