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  1. Larry "SARGE" Wendel says:

    Congrats to a gentleman of the game. Seen him throw many times mostly in the midwest. Now he throws for the QC Sox where i was born and raised and played for 40 years. Wish i could be around the game more, I live in Wichita, Ks where men’s softball is kind of dying. Several class B/C teams here but no ISC affilitation teams down here playing. Again congrats to Paul, by the way saw his brother throwing for i think Kirby Vac many years ago in Iowa.

  2. Joe Avila says:

    I met Paul at the H.o.F induction in 2010 and watched him pitch, I must agree he still has that fire needed to keep going,I want to congratulate him and welcome him to a very elite group,and commend him for not only being a great player,but in my opinon a great person! Welcome Paul!

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