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  1. eric legge says:

    good luck for the future- when you
    make it to the ISC then people will
    know who you are.

  2. Bob says:

    I don’t think a ball player has to make it to the ISC to know “who you are.” Many ball players compete in ASA and NAFA at various levels depending upon their athletic ability. So to Michael and all you young ball players and pitchers out there playing in whichever organization you choose, and at whatever level your athletic ability takes you, thank you for playing the sport that so many of us enjoy. Maybe your name won’t become a “know who you are” in the world of top-flight fastpitch, but believe me, you are making great contributions to the sport, and we admire your love and dedication for fastpitch / fastball!

  3. Rich Markham says:

    Bob, Thanks for the previous comment. I have played fastpitch for 50 years and one of the problems is the perception that the ISC and ASA Major teams and players are the only ones that matter. Too often this shows itself as a disrespect of the “elite” players for the lower level players. I have never been on that level but NOBODY has as much fun playing fastpitch as I do. More than 85%–maybe 95%–of the players in fastpitch do not and will never play fastpitch on the major level. We all look up to the elite players for their skills and usually try to get as close to that level as possible. But our players and games are just as important to the sport as the “elite” players and games. Which brings up an interesting point: Why should the game be governed and controlled for the benefit of the “elite”?

  4. Bob says:

    Right you are Rich – well said. And keep your young pitchers a chuckin’. The game desperately needs them and more like them.

  5. bob thurmes says:

    rise ball , Ron Marstiller is right on about rise ball. i could make a change rise break up and curve to the left at the same time. the rise was i’d say was twice as much a regular fast rise. put two knucles on the narrow face part of the seams and really get under it and snap it upward. you’ll have a great chane up if you can control it. most batter;s will not touch it.

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