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  1. eric legge says:

    Fond memories-his first Canadian writer.Wife Ann was also a big help.ED Kirner(a printer)use to put out a detailed paper regarding Aurora Home Savings & Loan and many teams that were on their schedule.

  2. John Younger says:

    I too enjoyed the bulletin,got to meet Ray Anderson in 83 at our travel league stop in Tulsa.I need to get out my old copies sometime.

  3. Rickey Kolda says:

    I started playing ball in 2002 and the bulletin helps me understand how great of a game fastpitch was and is always very exciting to read about its history. My Dad played with and against some of the best in the world and its nice to put a face or a story to some of the names i grew up learning about. Great Job Bob as always!

  4. Bob says:

    Thanks Rickey. The Bulletin and later the Chronicle by Bob Tomlinson are now historical documents that told of great bygone eras. But those publications also serve as motivation for the young ball players and teams of today to strive to match or out perform past eras’ teams and players. And in many cases they do. Having seen many of the present lower-level to mid-level to the great teams and players, I think today’s era ball players are just as good or better – in their respective classes – as the players and teams from past decades.

  5. Bob says:

    Ray Anderson once lived in Corona, Calif., and was a big fan of Chayo Rodriguez’s Chicano’s men’s fastpitch team. Chayo held a 24-team tournament over Memorial Day weekend, I believe it was, and I can still see the tall, slim Ray Anderson standing or sitting behind the the backstop screen watching and scoring games. Usually, with Ann sitting in the shade nearby. Ray and Chayo were fast friends.

  6. Jon King says:

    I remember in the 70’s watching my dad play fastpitch softball games Pana Illinois for a team called Pana Drumstick. They would play against Decatur ADM when they were the best in the land. The games were very enjoyable to watch. We moved to Texas in 1980 and had a hard time finding leagues. missed it lots. Sorry to see it die out.

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