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  1. Sean Tracy says:

    As a die hard Fastball guy there seems to be another divide now. You can’t just play Fastball but you have t be good. Most tournaments are very high caliber and Rec teams or regular city leagues barely exist. With out good pitching you can’t even enter a team in a league or tournament. It is a better game than baseball, better for TV, the fans and easier on the arms for pitchers. Without Recreational leagues the game gets smaller every year. I can’t even get enough for a team to play in a tournament.

  2. Mike Encinas says:

    Here in L.A. county there are still some fastpitch leagues, you got Tuesday nights at Whittier Narrows, Wednesday nights at Burbank & at Artesia park (both include some of the area’s top players), and Sunday mornings at Pico Park in Pico Rivera. Not what it used to be but were hanging on.

  3. Walt says:

    I agree with everything Sean Tracy said above.

    I used to play in MN, may dad pitched AA-major in the 70’s. A few years ago I moved to NE and have contacted everyone and anyone who could potentially know anything about men’s fastpitch in the Omaha area. No information. Omaha brings in a high-level NAFA tournament yearly, but the people who set up the tournament have not responded to my emails or phone calls asking about lower-level fastpitch leagues. Honestly, because I’m a few years removed from the game, I can’t step in and play AA, but it’s frustrating nonetheless. What fastpitch really needs is a quality website that is actually updated on a regular basis. This goes for ISC, NAFA, and ASA.

    Sorry for venting. But, I appreciate you continuing to provide an outlet!

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