NAFA Unveils 20-Year Anniversary Team

Written by Bob on July 16th, 2012

By Jim Williamson / NAFA Director Emeritus / one of seven NAFA Founders

THE BEST OF THE BEST: Here is NAFA’s 20th Year Anniversary Team that will be honored in Topeka, Kansas. Since 1993, NAFA has been growing and providing the top classified men’s fastpitch events in the World. Listed below the 20th Anniversary Team From the archives is the 10th Year Anniversary team honored back in 2002 in Salem, Oregon.

See how many of the names you can recognize on both lists.

NAFA 20 Year Anniversary Team (1993 – 2012)

  • Jeramie Holman Wisconsin Pitcher New Image
  • Harvey Knutson Wisconsin Infield New Image
  • Bryan Lathrop Wisconsin Pitcher Evansville Bowl; New Image; Rice Lake Orangemen
  • Darcy Byrne North Dakota Pitcher Kegel Black Knights
  • Tony Peeples California Pitcher Team Lyons
  • Josh Johnson Wisconsin Outfield/Pitcher Anderson Premier Homes, Bar of Appleton, Townline
  • Kevin Kammueller Minnesota Pitcher Jordan Realty
  • Lou Heller Minnesota Pitcher Odin FP
  • Ryan Nichols Michigan Pitcher Blues FP
  • Tom Crouch Illinois Infield Dolan & Murphy; Bar of Appleton
  • Jesse Delorit Wisconsin Catcher Bar of Appleton
  • Brent Holman Wisconsin Infield New Image
  • Colin Mckenzie British Columbia Pitcher Prince George Lumber Kings; Townline
  • Dean Waltier Washington Infield Team Lyons; Hobnobber Tav; Bodle; JRW & Associates; Italian Athletic Club
  • Eric Lewis North Dakota Infield Kegel Black Knights
  • Todd Lubkeman Wisconsin Pitcher Willkomm Mobil
  • Mike Mueller South Dakota Infield Sioux Falls Sox
  • Chris Delorit Wisconsin Infield Circle Tap
  • Adam Folkard Australia Pitcher Patsy’s; Broken Bow/ Patsy’s
  • Todd Malnory Wisconsin Infield Denmark Dukes
  • Mike Smith Pennsylvania Pitcher Quaker Riversharks
  • Sam Aldridge British Columbia Pitcher Royal Towers & Canadians, NewWest, BC; Bucknell Park
  • Rick Lang South Dakota Pitcher RWP; Sioux Fall Chiefs
  • BJ Boom South Dakota Infield Kegel Black Knights
  • Matt Palazzo Iowa Infield Palazzo’s Java House; Albaugh
  • Scott Collins Minnesota Catcher Junkers; RWP
  • Kyle Goslee Minnesota Pitcher Cerro Gordo
  • Gord Scott Ontario Pitcher Palermo Athletics
  • Duane Clarkson North Dakota Infield Kegel Black Knights
  • Brad Sprau Colorado Outfield Pueblo Bandits
  • Jeff Jahn Wisconsin Infield New Image, Evansville Bowl
  • Travis Dejong South Dakota Catcher Sioux Falls Sox
  • Eric Steinbeck Missouri Pitcher Black n Gold
  • David Beets Oklahoma Pitcher Superchief, Rocky Mntn Rebels
  • Nate Giesbrecht Manitoba Infield Kegel Black Knights
  • Johnny Desaulniers Ontario Pitcher Dryden Trappers; Kegel Black Knights
  • NAFA 10th Year Anniversary Team honored in 2002 in Salem, OR

    Gord Scott Ontario Pitcher
    Brad Sprau Colorado Outfield
    Todd Malnory Wisconsin Infield
    Kevin Careless British Columbia Pitcher
    Stan Grebeck California Outfield
    Kyle Kouka New Zealand Pitcher
    Scott Collins Minnesota Catcher
    Colin Mckenzie British Columbia Pitcher
    Steve Scott North Dakota Infield
    Rick Lang Minnesota Pitcher
    Rob Gehrke Oregon Catcher
    Tony Peeples California Pitcher
    Darin Michael Washington Outfield
    Darcy Byrne North Dakota Pitcher
    Mark Maxin Washington Infield
    Shawn Von Duvall Colorado Outfield
    Gary Hermsen British Columbia Infield
    John Desaulniers Ontario Pitcher
    Fred Gegen Texas Infield
    Kevin MacEachern British Columbia Outfield
    Denny Kaufman Indiana DH
    Keith Abueche Indiana Infield
    Ron Rupp California Infield
    Troy Morrison California Outfield
    Jay Wilder Wisconsin Pitcher
    Larry Liegel Wisconsin Outfield
    Chad Osterman Minnesota Outfield
    Todd Townsend Ontario Infield

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