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  1. Darlene Lundell says:

    It was 37 degrees this morning and it was beautiful. I felt like I didn’t need to wear a winter jacket. However I did because the winds were going to incresase and temps were going to fall drastically throughout the day. The winds right now are pushing 50 miles an hour and the temp is supposed to go below zero. Tuesday’s high is supposed to be 2 below zero. Which compared to past winters is considered warm. Minnesota has not had this temperature for 4 years. The winters have changed from past years, we are having milder, warmer weather and I think in years to come the temperature will continue to rise. I do not think Minnesota will see the huge snow banks like I used to play on when I was younger. I can now count on one hand how many times I need to shovel or use the snow blower in a winter season. All due to the greenhouse effect. A sad fact but I have to admit that I like the milder winters.

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