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  1. Bob Parkins says:

    Amen. This horse may already be out of the barn, but communications should nonetheless become Job 1 for the short to medium term.

    (As an aside, I believe there was also a tournament in Florida the week before the AAU which got even less coverage — still don’t know who won).

  2. eric legge says:

    agree fully Bob.If your lucky you get the winning and losing pitchers and nothing else.

  3. Frank Fiore says:

    I’m afraid Fastpitch is on the way out. I played on the East coast from 1988-2008 and it has certainly died here. Don’t think there’s enough interest anymore except for us old diehards….

  4. Wade says:

    Fastpitch died twice, once when there was no influx of young players and the second was when Farm started recruiting bar league players for their tournament teams,thats just humor. But for real the older guys just got old and the younger guys wanted to play coed volleyball, what do you do? The sport was never covered much to begin with, why start now?

  5. Bob says:

    Well, some of us haven’t quite jumped ship. Yet. And with the Internet, news can be distributed fast. But you’re right, it is dying. Nothing much left here in So. Calif.

  6. Bob says:

    Good news today from Michigan. Two fastpitch veterans are starting a new team in Midland named the “Midland Emerson ACes,” comprised of young baseball talent. The Midland Daily News wrote a good article about the team’s formation. Be sure to read it and pass it on; it just may inspire someone else to take the initiative and do the same.

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