Remembering USA’s greatest men’s fastpitch players

Written by Bob on March 7th, 2013


Ever wonder who has represented the United States in the Pan American games and International Softball Federation World Championships?

Here’s a listing of the USA teams from 1979 to 2009. USA Softball

Did you play on any of those teams? Do you know someone who did? Did you play against any of the USA’s best?

If so, send a comment.

For example, on the World Championship team of 1979 there was Bob Christensen, Joe Lynch, Harvey Sterkel, and Most Valuable Player Charlie Richard…1984 had Tom Penders, Jeff Seip, Owen Walford…

1996 included Russ Boice, head coach, Bill Boyer, Brian Martie, Jimmy Moore…

Check it out, interesting information.

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  1. Dave Blackburn says:

    The first 4 players listed of the Aurora Illinois Sealmasters were in the 66 and 68 ISF World Series, not 1979. The first time that a Bational All Star Team was selected to represent the USA was when Men’s (and Women’s) fastpitch were added to the Pan American Games. The 4 pitchers for Team USA in 1979 were: Ty Stofflet; Gene Green; Al Lewis; and a very young David Scott. Prior to 79, in the first 4 ISF World Series, the USA was represented by the previous years ASA Major Champions(along with 3 pick-up players. 66 & 68 was the Aurora (IL) Sealmasters, 72 was Cedar Rapids (IA) Welty Way, 76 was Reading (PA) Sunners.

  2. A guy says:

    I know Owen Walford,he lives in my area,heard he was a good player in his time,could probably ask him anything you need to know if this page is still active..

  3. Bob says:

    We’re still active. If you want to interview him and post your story here, that would be great. If you need help with interview questions, just let me know and I can help you.

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