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  1. Claudean Chapel says:

    Thanks for honoring Bob and his hard work to keep fast pitch softball alive with this article. He has spent more than 50 years loving softball and wants more than anything to develop new pitchers who love the game as much as he does. Thanks from his family who love him and know how hard he works for fast pitch softball.

  2. Bob says:

    Thank you Claudean. I enjoyed talking with Bob and writing the story. You and the family have every right to feel proud of Bob and his accomplishments for fastpitch softball. He’s one of the game’s best.

  3. Joe Avila says:

    Brings back some old memories for me, In 1970 the world tourney(ISC) was held in Kerman Calif. and Ed Smith Welding beat us in the State Tourney to qualify and knock us out of the world, being held in our back yard, that was the only year that the team Herman Duinkerken and I and Ray Unruh played for did not qualify for the World! for the next 5 yrs Clovis Cowboys Dominated central California and in the ISC World- 72 (5th) 73 (2nd) 74 (3rd) 75 (5th) and it would almost always boil down to Bakersfield, RKT, and Clovis(us) in the finals of the State

  4. Bob says:

    Good to hear from you Joe. Thanks for making such an interesting comment. California had some great teams and players back in the day!

  5. My Father” Bob Chapel” has always been my hero on and off the Field, I grew up at the ballparks in Kern County and later worked long hours beside my Dad. I don’t think a lot of the players realized how much time he spent dragging the fields cleaning the dugouts and bathrooms as well as the bleachers and under them. He never did things half way. I loved working tourneys it was a challenge being a young lady out there and Dad always made sure I was taken care of, we watched Great ball and have a load of memories and laughs…so THANKS Dad for your love and dedication to the sport of Fastpitch!!!

  6. My Dad” Bob Chapel” has always been my hero on and off the field, I grew up at the ballparks of Kern County and later worked along side him putting on the league and Tournaments. One thing that wasn’t mentioned was Bob was President of Kern County Softball Assoc. for many years and so it wasn’t just weekends he put in, Bob would leave work and go straight to the fields and get the ready for league play the assoc folded after Dad got sick, and Bakersfield has never had the same momentum since. I don’t think most of the players realized how much Dad put into it we constantly were cleaning fields, dugouts, bleachers top and bottom, and even the restrooms despite them being county and city parks, he never put on an event half way. It wasn’t easy being a young lady helping run a mens assoc. but Dad always took great care of me. We have a lifetime full of memories and laughs, THANKS DAD for all you’ve done and are doing to promote Fastpitch.

  7. Bob says:

    Terrific tribute to your Dad, Melissa. I am sure that he is very proud of you too. Thanks for sharing about your Dad being President of the Kern County Softball Association. I didn’t know that. I’m sure that many would agree with you that he is a true devotee and outstanding contributor to the sport.

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