Fargo, NAFA OPEN Wrap Up – Sooke over Angels

Written by Bob on June 19th, 2013


By Benjie Hedgecock / June 17, 2013
NAFA Executive Director

The 2013 NAFA Open World Series in Fargo, North Dakota was a huge success this past weekend and we want to thank these people for making it such a great experience for the teams, players and fans. The NAFA Website is at nafafastpitch.com

Tournament Director Kyle Koterba did an extraordinary job with the event and was a great host to the 10 teams, players and their fans that participated. Kyle did a great job moving the tourney to another park after the main park which had flooded earlier this year was unplayable.

Thanks to NAFA Vice Presidents Jon Kegel and Mike Watson and to ISC President Dean Oscar for attending. Special thanks also to Team USA Selection Committee Members Warren Jones and Andy Dooley for attending the event which brought some excitement to the ball park.

Thanks to Bob Otto of www.ottoinfocus.com for some very enjoyable stories throughout the weekend. Here is Bob’s Championship Game story link: Sooke Loggers Claim NAFA Open Title

Thanks to the teams and players that participated and made it such a competitive event. Thanks to the City of Fargo and Moorehead for doing a great job with the fields this weekend.

The player stats can all be found on fargofastpitch.com as well as game box scores and the completed bracket.

Champs Sooke Loggers, 6-0, British Columbia, Canada
2nd Angels, 3-3, Minnesota
3rd Diamondbacks, 3-1, Saskatoon, Canada
3rd Winnipeg Bullets, 3-3, Manitoba, Canada
5th Topeka Toros, 3-1, Kansas
5th Circle Tap, 2-3, Wisconsin
5th Randy’s A’s, 3-2, British Columbia, Canada
5th Kegel Black Nights, 1-3, North Dakota
9th West Fargo Knights, 0-4, North Dakota
9th Rooter’s Bar, 0-4, North Dakota
2013 NAFA Open World Series All World Team

Most Valuable Pitcher, Scott Lieph, Sooke
Most Valuable Player, Kris Walushka, Sooke

Blake Hunter, Sooke
Rich Haldane, Sooke, pitcher
Dan Whiteford, Sooke
Jesse Delorit, Angels
Wayne Petrie, Angels
Justin Schofield, Angels, pitcher
Randy Potskin, Randy’s A’s
Chad Ghostkeeper, Randy’s A’s
Brian Newton, Randy’s A’s, pitcher
Brady Woods, Winnipeg Bullets, pitcher
Jay Dewis, Winnipeg Bullets
Travis De Jong, Kegel Black Knights
Lewis Weldon, Circle Tap Dukes
Trevor Ethier, Diamondbacks, Saskatoon
Brennen Pokoyoway, Diamondbacks, Saskatoon
Chad Starling, Diamondbacks, Saskatoon
Matt Thornton, Topeka Toros
Josh Pettett, Topeka Toros
On behalf of the entire NAFA Family,

Benjie Hedgecock
Executive Director

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  1. Robert Martin says:

    Your standings are wrong Randy’s A’s were 3-2
    Lost to Sooke in semi final 6-4.

  2. Bob says:

    Robert, you are right about Randy’s record, which I have corrected, but as far as the score between Sooke and Randy’s, iScore has it at 7-4. I wasn’t at the tournament, and did my reporting from California, so all I have to go by is what appears on iScore. Please reference this link for verification. If iScore is wrong, please show me where, and I will correct it. Thanks Robert for making me aware!

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