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  1. Katsumi Nakajima says:

    Forty years ago, I entered WASEDA University. One day, I saw his pitching at the corner of the ground. I have never seen such a pitching style. He told me the name of the pitching style, WINDMILL. It was surprising and exciting for me. Of course, I became a member of the WASADA University softball team. He is indispensable person in my life.

    No other person loved softball and deeply studied it like him around us. As a result of it, he accomplished the great work not only as a player but also extremely an able manager.

    I think the greatest point of him is he made all efforts and dedicated his life to lead the students who are staggering to be full-fledged men and women through the sport of SOFTBALL. Many people learned many things from him and grew up by associating with him.

    Despite the fact that SOFTBALL is not so major sport in Japan as that in the U.S.A, unfortunately, he devoted his life for the prevalence of SOFTBALL and showed many Japanese people the authentic SOFTBALL. I think it great and not easy because it was inconspicuous and enduring work.

    It is very honorable for us he was inducted into the NAFA Hall of FAME.
    Congratulations! YOSHIMURA – san.

    Katsumi Nakajima

  2. Bob says:

    A great and well spoken tribute Katsumi.

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