Meet the umpires of the 2013 NAFA World Series

Written by Bob on August 1st, 2013


DES MOINES, Iowa – Fastpitch is a quick game. A base runner’s foot lands on first base as the ball pounds into the first baseman’s glove within a mili-second of each other. The play is oh-so-close from being called safe or out.

The batter crouches over the plate with bat cocked. The count is full with the bases loaded. The pitcher winds up and delivers. The ball slams into the catcher’s glove, nipping the outside corner at the knees…or was the ball an inch off the plate and an inch below the knees?

Two very close calls for any umpire to make. These are just samplings of the hundreds of game situations that the umpires of the 2013 NAFA World Series will have to rule over.

And rule they will, for these men and women are some of the sport’s very best.


Let’s meet them.

Leading the World Series Umpiring Staff is NAFA Director of Umpires Carley Parish with Pete Davis, UIC of Southern California, DUIC Bob Neville of Wisconsin, and Staff Coordinator Paul MacKenzie of Washington.

The 2013 NAFA umpiring crew includes:
1-Steve Ivie, Oregon
2-Clark Evans, New Mexico
3-Dan Young, British Columbia, Canada
4-Jason Smith, Minnesota
5-Kalani Ongais, Southern California
6-Trevor Stoyko, Canada
7-Conrad Beaird, Northern California
8-John Buck, Northern California
9-Mike Shelton, Oregon
10-Pete Mosgovian, Massachussets
11-Charles Thomas, Oregon
12-Matt Neville, Wisconsin
13-Jason Gauthier, Oregon
14-Derron Gerrior, Canada
15-Terry Smith, Oregon
16-Rachel Palmer, Minnesota
17-Cecil Luna, Kansas
18-Brandon Bluhm , Washington
19-Gary Bramer(first week only), Kansas
20-Steve Komoroski(first week only), Wisconsin
21-Don Kershner(first week only), Wisconsin
22-Gene Groan(Thurs and Friday only) driving, Iowa
23-Brett Kozlowski(first week only), Minnesota
24-Lawayne Rogers Iowa
25-Scott Shamblem , Iowa
26-Bob Chacon , Iowa
27-Dennis Frye , Iowa
28-Bob Radawitz(1st week only), Wisconsin
29-Brian Karich(2nd week only),. Minnesota
30-Andy Zook(2nd week only), Wisconsin
31-Doug Steinke(2nd week only), Wisconsin
32-Owen Raisbeck(2nd week only), Wisconsin
33-Mike Filpse(2nd week only), Wisconsin
34-Frank Olsen(2nd week only), Iowa
35-Greg Escobar(2nd week only), Kansas
36-Ed Fickes, Iowa
37-David Kerr, Iowa

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