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  1. Mike Kolda says:

    Once again, you’ve made us look too good! Great article, thanks again Bob!

  2. Bob says:

    Mike, K-Club’s been made to look good because you guys played good – highlighted by that great comeback in the championship game. Wish you guys were going to the NAFA World Series, but I understand playing in the ASA since it’s so close and saves a ton in travel expense. Good luck to you guys.

  3. Rick Kolda says:

    Thank you Bob from all that play for your continued dedication to brining the fans and players alike closer to the game that we all love. I literally check ottoinfocus everyday to see what you are going to write about next. Next time you see Bob give him a nod or handshake of appreciation. I havent had the privelage of meeting Bob yet but i look forward to eventually shaking the hand of a true fan of the game. Thanks again as always.

  4. Bob says:

    Thank you Rick, your compliment is much appreciated. But I couldn’t have written the K-Club Seattle Invite story without information. And you and Mike have always stepped up and given me the facts and insight I’ve needed. So you two deserve much of the credit. Good luck in Salem, and I hope to be writing another K-Club championship story!

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