2012 NAFA 20th Year Anniversary Team

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NAFA request for World Series information needed now

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Three days from the start of the NAFA World Series and these ball diamonds will be busy with fastpitch action! The AA and A-Major divisions start the action on Thursday. See Play NAFA.org (below) for more information.

TOPEKA, KS – The start of the NAFA World Series AA and A-Major tournaments are two days away and NAFA needs confirmation that teams have their game starts times. Also, NAFA needs each team’s list of pitchers.

Along with rosters, which include full names, and jersey numbers. If you need a roster, please visit the new player and team statistics website at: Play NAFA www.playnafa.org.(However, that does not replace NAFA’s primary website, Nafafastpitch.com

Please mail that information requested to Nafafastpitch@gmail.com today. And visit play NAFA for more current information.

Play NAFA is only the website where all future World Series stats for players and teams will be located. We are also trying to go backward and enter data from previous years as well.


    1. Check in time for each team WITH PICTURE ID is one hour prior to your first game at the complex where you start at.

    2. Tournament Opening Ceremonies (6 p.m. Thursday at Shawnee North Complex) with all teams in uniform is mandatory and will be just as awesome as it was last year with Hall of Fame Inductions of Ryan Nichols of the Blues, Dan Kolda of K Club, etc…

We will honor the founders of NAFA (We have 4 of the 7 attending). We will honor our 20th Year Anniversary NAFA Team (posted on the website).

Each team will be introduced during opening ceremonies with the information coming from your TEAM INFO SHEET that I emailed to you.

Fill it out and bring it to the ceremony and give it to me there. We will have an official welcome by the Visit Topeka organization, the Topeka Parks & Recreation Department, and the U.S. and Canadian National Anthems will be played.

Thank You,
Benjie Hedgecock
NAFA Executive Director