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Al Doran weighs in on Paul Algar’s 2012 ISC Hall of Fame induction

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

QUAD CITIES, IL – In his many years watching and reporting on men’s fastpitch softball, Al Doran has seen some of the greatest pitchers step inside the circle and work magic with a softball.

He includes Paul Algar among that class of pitchers – such as Zack, White, Meredith, Piechnik…

In 2012, Algar will be inducted into the ISC Hall of Fame, and deservedly so, says Doran.

Paul Algar pitching for the California A’s in the 2011 California Classic.

“…looking at his body of work since 1994 and indeed long before
that, Paul Algar deserves to be there in the Hall of Fame with the other
great pitchers who have come before him,” said Doran, who himself is a Hall of Famer, inducted in 2008 in recognition of his service to the ISC.

Doran looks back in time to the 1994 ISC World Tournament in Summerside, PEI when he first saw Algar pitch for the All-Car Roadrunners of Green Bay, WI. He had the best seat in the stadium – seat one, row one, right behind home plate, sitting besides Darren Zack’s wife Charlotte, and his aunt and uncle.

At that ’94 tournament he got a full fastball “101 course” often from all three of Zack’s family of faithful followers.

They were big Zack fans, of course, Doran says, but none-the-less, they were also fans of “Alfie” as Algar has come to be known in the fastball world.

“When All-Car was playing, they would say, ‘watch Alfie,'” Doran said who owns and runs the popular fastpitch website, “Man that young fellow could pitch, and pitch he did all week, teaming up with Brad Underwood to go right to the championship game and win it.”

But Algar took his success in stride, added Doran.

“He was the hero of the day, yet he was just a cool Kiwi enjoying a beer with his mates and lots of fans who adored him,” Doran said. “He made an impression on me that week and it has stood until this day.

“In some ways it shocks me to hear that Alfie is going into the Hall of Fame. Does that mean he is going to retire? I hope not. I hope like Zack that he is around for many more years to come.”

Here’s hoping he is.

In the 1994 World Tournament, All-Car won the championship, defeating the Gators in the final. The Gateway 2000 Soos of Sioux City, Iowa finished third, followed by No. 4 Decatur (IL) Pride.

The Best of 1994

All-World Pitchers First-Team: Record – ERA – Strikeouts
Darren Zack – Toronto, 4-1, 0.55 ERA, 87 strikeouts
Mike Piechnik – Sioux City, 4-1, 1.05, 57
Randy Parkhurst – Jefferson City, 5-1, 1.14, 69

All-World Pitchers Second-Team: Record – ERA – Strikeouts
Brad Underwood – Green Bay 3-0, 2.80, 37
Glenn Davis – Long Beach 4-2, 0.37, 44
Todd Martin – Napanee, 3-1, 0.53, 65

Other Award Winners:
Most Valuable Player –Colin Abbot, Green Bay, WI
Most Outstanding Pitcher – Brad Underwood, Green Bay, WI
Leading Hitter – Colin Abbott, Green Bay, WI (.500 batting average)
Glenn Littlejohn, St. Johns, NB (.500 avg.)
Todd King, Summerside (.500 avg.)
Most Runs Batted In – Don Burnett, Toronto, ON (9)
Team Sportsmanship – Long Beach, Calif. Painters
Best Dressed Team – Winnebago, Neb, North Americans

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