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Greg Alder, great Boise pitcher gives back to the game

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

GREG ALDER was inducted into the North American Fastpitch Association (NAFA) Hall of Fame in 2014 for his many years contributing and giving back to the game after he retired from playing. Photo By BOB OTTO / 2014 NAFA World Series

BOISE, Idaho – For many fastpitch players, once their careers are over the bat and ball, glove and spikes either get thrown in the closet or sold at a garage sale. And then it’s off to the golf course or some other leisurely pursuit.

Not so with Greg Alder.

He’s as involved with men’s fastpitch today as a manager and coach as he was back in his heyday as a pitcher.


But first let’s take a trip back in time with the 62-year-old Alder from his teenage years to his heyday as one of the country’s best pitchers.

“At 15 my dad (Larry Sr.) got me started playing the outfield,” says Alder, adding that four generations of Alders have played fastpitch. “In my first game as a pitcher at 17, I hit three guys in the head and struck out three in the Boise League.”

Well, it seems the league didn’t take to having a young and wild, hard throwing right-hander in its midst. They didn’t want any part of him. So his dad lined up games against Idaho State Penitentiary ball clubs.

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