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Australia’s Marshall Kronk, selected Top Pitcher, meets legendary Terry Downs

Saturday, March 21st, 2015

winterset.kronk.marshall.69 Marshall Kronk, a 20-year-old Australian fastpitch pitcher was awarded Best Pitcher of the Australian Open Men’s Softball Championship March 7 at Redlands Softball Association. Kronk also pitched in the United States and Canada with top club teams.

In 2013 Kronk was selected the Most Valuable Pitcher (5-1 record, 41 innings, 1.54 ERA, 59 strikeouts) of the NAFA World Series AA-Major Division after pitching Winterset, Iowa to the runner-up spot.

And in 2014, Kronk was chosen First-Team Designated Hitter at the ISC World Tournament for the Kitchener Hallman Twins of Canada. He had a .421 batting average (8 for 19) with three runs and three RBI. Photo By BOB OTTO / 2013 NAFA World Series.

By Amanda McAuliffe / Redland City Bulletin

AUSTRALIA – Marshall Kronk, of Birkdale, came face to face with former Redlands Softball Association member and Australian softball legend Terry Downes when he received the individual award for Best Pitcher after the 2015 Australian Open Men’s Softball Championships on March 7 at Redlands Softball Association.

Having won the same award exactly 20 years earlier, it was a special moment when Downes who played 109 games for his country between 1995 and 2009 presented Kronk with the award.

Marshall Kronk receives his Best Pitcher award from Australian pitching legend Terry Downes.

Marshall Kronk receives his Best Pitcher award from Australian pitching legend Terry Downes.

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Let’s get talking

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Reporter and columnist, Mark Long, is a former Australian softballer who pitched Australia’s first World Championship Age 19-Under Gold Medal win in 1997.

CAMDEN ADVERTISER – Could a glimpse into the future, let’s say July 2012, hear the following line at the end of Sportscenter?

“Coming up on ESPN 2, the world’s best men’s fastpitch softball players touch down on the next stop of the tour as the teams battle for the number one seed before the ISC world tournament.”

A US-Canadian tour or a pro fastpitch league are two options that generations of players have dreamt about.
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