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“We Play It Fast” selling fast, place your order now

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

Front cover, Stew Sabiston of the Winnipeg Bullets pitching in the 2010 NAFA World Series. Back cover top, Trent Rubley; middle, Shane Alder and Chase Turner.

YUCAIPA, CA – I received my order of 150 books entitled “We Play It Fast” and I’m ready to ship to those who may be interested.

This is going to be a “one time, limited edition book” so if you want one, you should order before the supply runs out.


• Size, 8 ½ x 11. Soft cover.
• 76 stories – including features on some of the sports’ great players: Zack, Sorenson, White, Peterson…
• 208 photos. Many never printed or seen before!
• About half NAFA and ISC related stories.
• Stories extend from my early writing to present day, from 2010 NAFA World Series “A” division level to the ISC level of play.
• Several stories from contributing writers such as Milt Stark, Kyle Beane, Marc Gillis, Glen Cook, Joe Avila, Bill Hillhouse, Brian Groehler…
• Book’s writing style: documentary and memoir.


• In U.S. $23; Canada $27; New Zealand $35. (Other countries, price to be determined based on shipping charges).


• Only 135 to be sold! So this may become a ‘limited edition’ book.
• I’ve set aside books for those who have said they want to buy one – such as the contributing writers. (If you’ve changed your mind, please let me know.)
• If there’s a demand, I can have more books printed, but must place a minimum order of 100 books.


• Payable (U.S. $$) to:
Bob Otto
35147 Cedar Ave.
Yucaipa, CA 92399


Bob, received my copy of the book. Thanks so much. I love the book even though it doesn’t have color on the inside… MS

I received my copy in the mail today, a “must have” for fastpitch fans. I am honored to have the story I wrote about Dave Blackburn, “Game Changer” included as the second to last chapter in the book. Get yours before that headline says “Sold Out” (it’s a limited edition at this point) – JF

I got the book and it is fantastic. I will be reading it cover to cover. – DM

…I thought it was pretty good reading and flowed very well. There is a wide variety of topics regarding some current and some older time players. It is truly a coffee table book – MB

It looks great, congratulations, I know the work that goes into something like that – KB

Bob, great book. Great history and information. Lots of good photos… a lot of some friends – Rico Garcia, Todd Kensler, Hector Garcia Guillen, Tony N Denise Trujillo Mancha, Joe Hineline and more. Good stories from the old days and good info on today’s young players… – MC

Please send a copy of your book. Your interest in the game has been rewarding for many. Thank you – JB

Bob got the book, awesome, made me remember what a great game this is and what a great time I was lucky enough to play it in. It made me sad at times and made me almost smell the wet grass of a early morning game and the excitement of the competition. – GA

Bob, always enjoy reading your articles. Hope to read them for many more years. – AC

Great book! – ML

Got the copy of We Play It Fast last week. Was rushed for time, so I picked it up for a minute to flip through some pages … and ended up reading about half of the book. Great read, and I will recommend it to others. – Cheers, DM,

Go back in time to 1997 ISC World Tournament In Victoria, BC

Monday, June 15th, 2009

Photos By Bob Otto / Freelance Photographer & Writer

VICTORIA, BC – Take a trip back 12 years a go to one of the most memorable and enjoyable ISC World Tournament’s I’ve ever photographed at beautiful Royal Athletic Park in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada – one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Some of the photos have gotten a bit worn and grainy, but you’ll get the picture as to what a great tournament Victoria hosted.

Click Here To See Photo Gallery

Only Dr. Short Fingers will do

Friday, June 12th, 2009

YUCAIPA, CA – Doctors with a sense of humor. Ah, so hard to find and so very much appreciated. Luckily I have one. She’s a skilled physician, who also happens to have a funny side.

To protect her good name, lets just call her, “Dr. Short Fingers.”

Anyway, I went in for a long over do physical at the Loma Linda Veterans Hospital this morning. And the one thing that tightens me up a bit is the dreaded prostate exam.

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Not happy in La-La Land

Friday, June 12th, 2009

YUCAIPA, CA – In Lakers’ land this morning, fans are all a glow over L.A.’s, 99-91, overtime victory over the Orlando Magic.

Me? Not so much. I can’t stand the Lakers – never have since the deserted Minnesota in 1961 for California. But that’s beside the point.

Keep the knives, ropes, and guns away from the Magic. They should feel so depressed over giving this game away that they’d do anything to relieve their misery.

11.1 seconds left to go in regulation and Orlando up by 3. All Dwight Howard had to do was make one-of-two free throws and the game’s in the win column and Orlando evens the series at 2-2.

But Howard clangs both of them. But let’s back up. We know Howard’s not a good free throw shooter (6-14 for the game.) But Hedo Turkoglu? There’s no excuse for him missing 3-of-4 free throws down the stretch (and a paltry 8-13 for the game) that would have buried the Lakers.

And what did Stan Van Gundy tell his team during the Lakers’ final timeout in regulation? It should have been, “we’ve got a foul to give – take it and force them to inbound the ball again. And get up on the three-point shooters.”

But if he did issue that advice, it didn’t sink in. Especially with Jameer Nelson, who backed off Derek Fisher by four feet to allow him to launch the game-tying three. Fisher, known for hitting big-game treys, buries it, ties the game at 87-87, and Orlando goes down in a flaming free fall in overtime.

And they deserved it. At the end of regulation I turned off the TV in disgust.

Did the Lakers win this game? Not so much as Orlando imploding and essentially saying, “here you can have it.”