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Bennett hurls Ladner to NAFA Masters Championship

Friday, September 21st, 2018

MARK BENNETT was named the Most Valuable Pitcher after helping the Ladner Masters win the NAFA West Masters 55-Over championship in Carson City, Nevada, Sept. 16.

CARSON CITY, Nev. – The Ladner Masters of British Columbia, Canada, won five-consecutive games to claim the championship in the 2018 North American Fastpitch Association (NAFA) West Masters 55-Over World Series in Carson City, Sept. 16.

And pitching them to the title was Mark Bennett of Santa Barbara, Calif. The right-hander won three games and was selected to the NAFA All-World team as the Most Valuable Pitcher. Bennett is the son of long-time catcher, manager, tournament director, and umpire Clyde Bennett of Santa Barbara.

Meet the NAFA Masters Players And Teams That Still Play “for the love of the game.”

Thursday, September 20th, 2018

CARSON CITY, Nev. – From age 40 to well past 60, there are fastpitch softball players on teams across the U.S. and Canada whose fastpitch flame refuses to flicker or die out.

These Masters, who have played the game they have loved for 30, 40, and 50-plus years, stubbornly refuse to allow achy throwing arms, balky knees, nagging hamstrings, sore backs, or doctors orders (“you need to find a sport more suitable for your age!”) to usher them from the game.

Here’s a salute to just a few of NAFA’s Masters

Jim Decoter, Steve Korsa, Paul Carlton, Mike Drew, Andy Watson, Gil Gardner, Kevin Kammueller, Mike Massine, Paul Rubin, Eric Linnell, Ray Biggini, Troy Morrison, Bobby Smith, Darren Zack, Kelly Wenstrom, Gregor Morgan, Ned Waters, Donovan Reyes, Anthony Fabrizio, Fernando Ramirez, Mike Hoadley, Andy Martinez, Ralph Roybal, Craig Piccock, Bob Steehler, Chuck Smith, John Givens, Bobby Doe, Curt Culver, Monte McCrary, John Melchiari, Tim Jacobs, Mike Hopkins, Billy Frank, Shawn Samson, Doug Erock…and so many, many more.

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Wrap-up: 2014 First Annual NAFA Western Championship

Thursday, July 10th, 2014



The first annual NAFA Western Championship is complete, the overall rating by all involved comes in favorable, with yet some work to make next year’s event bigger and better. With that, Benjie Hedgecock of NAFA has his thoughts on the championship held, July 4-6, in Carson City, Nev.

…The umpires asked if we could make some kind of award for the coach they felt deserved an honor. The Coach they were very impressed with was Johnny Rodriguez of the East Bay Bashers.

…We are naming a new award after him for next year’s event… “The Johnny Rodriguez All-World Coach Award.”

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High Flying Roseville Eagles claim 1st Annual NAFA Western Championship

Monday, July 7th, 2014

070614-RosevilleFP.1web The Roseville Eagles of Roseville, Calif. won the 1st Annual NAFA Western Championship, July 6, at Centennial Park in Carson City, Nev. Contributed Photo

By BENJIE HEDGECOCK / NAFA Executive Director

CARSON CITY, Nev. – The pitching was steady, the hitting prolific, and as a result the Eagles of Roseville, Calif. claimed the 1st Annual NAFA Western Championship at Centennial Park in Carson City, July 4-6.

The Eagles flew through the eight-team tournament winning five consecutive games to finish 5-0 ahead of runner-up East Bay Bashers (4-2), third-place Stockton Black Sox (4-2), and fourth place NSB (3-2).

Roseville’s offense set the pace by outscoring its opponents 54-14. Assigned to Pool A, the Eagles finished 3-0 by defeating NSB 10-7; the Hotshots 13-0; and Ramos Brothers 9-1.

That undefeated run, earned the Eagles the No. 1 seed in the pool and two lives heading into Sunday’s championship round.

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Carson City, perfect for NAFA Masters World Series

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

CARSON CITY, NV – North American Fastpich Association (NAFA) Executive Director Benjie Hedgecock has a few good reasons why he likes hosting the West Masters World Series in Carson City. Well, actually he has a lot of good reasons.

For one, there’s Joel Dunn, Carson City’s parks and recreation operations manager.

In a word, he’s “awesome to work with,” Hedgecock said. “The parks department provides field rental, homerun fences and field prep for free to keep us coming back. Concession staff and field prep staff, and scorekeepers and gate staff are awesome and have become part of the family.”

Hedgecock goes on to add that Carson City is within reasonable driving and flying distance for western states’ ball players, family and fans. And you just never know whose going to be leaving Carson City a big winner. Away from the ball park, that is.

“Someone in our party wins a $15,000 or more jackpot every year,” Hedgecock said.

Couple those positives with great weather, a city (and nearby Reno) in which the wives and girl friends can have fun away from the ball park, friendly people and great fields, and there’s little not to like about playing fastpitch softball in Carson City.

“There are just no negatives to lead players to say they want someplace new,” Hedgecock said. “Because they love it here.”

The World Series runs Sept. 14 – 16 at, John D. Winters Centennial Sports Complex 500 Centennial Park Drive, Carson City.

A total of 34 teams will be battling it out in four masters age divisions: 55-Over, 50-Over, 45-Over, and the “kids” tournament, the 40-Over.

And these ball players, still infatuated with a sport many have played well over 40 and 50 years, come from many parts of North America: Including Canada, and the U.S. states of California, Idaho, Washington, Arizona, Oklahoma, Utah, Oregon, Nevada, Kansas, and even Massachusetts.

On Saturday afternoon, a special ceremony will be held at 3:30, inducting Terry Traverso, Dean Waltier and Sam Aldridge into the NAFA Hall of Fame.

For more information, visit NAFA Fastpitch