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Casey salutes its fast-pitch softball heritage with museum

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016

BOB FALLSTROM – Herald & Review Community News Editor
Originally published Sep 9, 2008

DECATUR, IL – The wonderful world of fast-pitch softball was remembered at the Casey Popcorn Festival over Labor Day weekend,

Fast-pitch softball was my favorite during 40 years of sports reporting. I was hooked as a skinny lad of 10 while chasing foul balls at the airport diamond in Dixon, my hometown. I received 10 cents for outmaneuvering several other boys to corral the foul ball and return it.

This was while my uncle was playing in a league game. He was a big guy, a catcher. They called him Fatty.

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From ‘rag tags,’ Casey Truckers reach ASA Hall of Fame

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016


Journal Gazette & Times Courier
BY BRIAN NIELSEN / Sports Editor
Originally published Jan. 25, 2009

CASEY, IL – Even before the surprised opponents had to put money where their doubts were, former Casey Trucker Sam White knew what they were thinking.

“We were just a bunch of rag tags,” White said. “We got in that tournament at Terre Haute. Nobody had heard much about us. We beat Wayne Meyers’ team for the tournament championship. It was a money tournament. If I remember right it took them a while to come up with the money. I think we beat them 1-0. We kind of fooled them. They didn’t think we could beat them. I think they had to take up a collection to get the money.”

Before long, men’s fastpitch softball powers were not so surprised by the success of the small town guys of Casey, a team whose journeys eventually included a 1979 trip to Stockton, Calif., for a the Amateur Softball Association (ASA Class A National Championship) nationals.

Casey also played host to softball’s version of college basketball’s NIT – the National ASA Invitational.

“That’s Joe Snedeker,” White said. “Casey was a hotbed for softball back then and Joe Snedeker was behind all that.”

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A Step Back In Time: the 1976 Casey Truckers

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016


CASEY, IL – In 1976 the Casey Truckers hosted the ASA National Class A Invitational Tournament. I was lucky enough to be drafted to pitch for St. Paul Merchants. And while there, I got a Truckers official program.

Looking through the program, I discovered that the Truckers were quite a team, and from 1963 to 1975 had a record of 695-329. The Truckers best year was 1973 when they finished 80-24 and were ASA Class A state champions along with finishing third in the national tournament.

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