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Circle Tap seeks to repeat in NAFA Open

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Ten of the world’s top teams will battle for the championship in the NAFA Open – Holm Classic men’s fastpitch tournament at Fargo’s Lindenwood Park, June 14-16.

“We are happy to be a part of it and we look to repeat. Anything less, well it will be a kick in the pants.” – Circle Tap field manager Chad Huebner

FARGO, ND – The Circle Tap Dukes of Denmark, Wisconsin won the 2012 NAFA Open World Series championship. And they’re back again seeking a repeat in the NAFA Open – Holm Classic Tournament in Fargo, June 14 to 16.

Circle Tap comes into the tournament with a talented ball club ranked No. 8 in the world of men’s fastpitch softball.

Dukes field manager Chad Huebner knows that a high ranking and the title of “defending champs” might earn you respect for what you’ve done in the past.

But lofty rankings and past honors mean little in the here-and-now. Not when nine hungry and talented, championship-seeking ball clubs want to rip that crown off your head.

“Being the (NAFA Open) champs from 2012 (5-1), comes with a target on our backs,” said Huebner. “So we will have to get hot and stay hot with consistency in our pitching and hitting, and we will have to play stellar defense.”

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Superstar sponsor enters the ISC Hall of Fame

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

DENMARK, WI – When asked about his playing career, John Miller quickly downplays his abilities by saying “I was an average hitter and terrible fielder.”

He might be shortchanging his talent some, but when it comes to his contributions to men’s fastpitch softball, the man is a superstar.

Miller will certainly go down in fastpitch history as one of the greatest sponsors ever to field a ball club. And there were more than just one.

The 73-year-old Miller has been involved in the sport since 1952 when he began playing as a 14-year-old. But the turning point in his still ongoing 60-year fastpitch career can be traced to 1967.

That’s the year he bought Circle Tap, a sports bar located near Denmark (pop. about 2,000 near Green Bay). And that’s the year that Circle Tap began building its way to a Wisconsin fastpitch hot spot. All because of moving some earth and raising a fence.

“The only way I could get on a team was to build a ball diamond at Circle Tap,” Miller said.

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