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A foul mood morning

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

YUCAIPA – I’m in a foul mood this morning, a carryover from yesterday’s encounters with trashy kids and their trashy parents, an arrogant cop, a text-driving idiot, and an overzealous Riverside County zoning official.

Let’s start with the text-driving idiot. While driving on the 215 Freeway towards Perris and a horse rescue ranch, I came upon a woman, in her late 20s to mid-thirty’s putzing along at about 52 miles per hour in the slow lane.

I glanced over at her to see what the problem was, and saw her texting. As she rested her cell on the steering wheel, her thumbs were flying and her eyes bouncing up and down as she furtively took peeks at the road ahead.

I stayed alongside her for about 100 yards to see if she would notice me glaring at her. She didn’t once glance to her left. Idiot.

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