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Wrap-up: 2014 First Annual NAFA Western Championship

Thursday, July 10th, 2014



The first annual NAFA Western Championship is complete, the overall rating by all involved comes in favorable, with yet some work to make next year’s event bigger and better. With that, Benjie Hedgecock of NAFA has his thoughts on the championship held, July 4-6, in Carson City, Nev.

…The umpires asked if we could make some kind of award for the coach they felt deserved an honor. The Coach they were very impressed with was Johnny Rodriguez of the East Bay Bashers.

…We are naming a new award after him for next year’s event… “The Johnny Rodriguez All-World Coach Award.”

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Seattle Cal-State Builders want to be there again

Friday, August 26th, 2011

“This season was so much fun…We want to be there (ISC World Tournament) again.” – Dave Carlton

The 2011 Seattle Cal-State Builders: Raul Gonzalez, Dublin, CA; Merrick Tan, Union City, CA; Macario Paz, San Diego, CA; Jeremy Wowk, Vancouver, BC; Dave Carlton, San Mateo, CA; Matt McMann, Surrey, BC; Rafael Gonzalez, Walnut Creek, CA; Antonio Gonzalez, San Ysidro, CA; Dustin Murao, Richmond, BC; Ricky Sivilla, El Cerrito, CA; Darren Strang, Richmond, BC; Cornel Wells, Hayward, CA; Jon Abbott, San Francisco, CA; Scott Tomasello, Union City, CA; Kevin Kammueller, Shakopee, MN; Rick Moore, Concord, CA; manager Mike Metcalf, Miramar, CA; coach Pete Mitchell, San Diego, CA, and coach Nick Bradshaw, San Diego, CA. Courtesy Photo / Alisha Larkin

SAN MATEO, CA – The Cal-State Builders entered the 2011 ISC World Tournament as a relative unknown in big-time softball. But as they continued knocking off teams in the 2011 ISC World Tournament, more than a few folks were asking:

“Who are these guys?”

A 4-2 record in the best club-team tournament in the world tends to draw some attention and turn some heads.

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