Ed McCormick Men’s Fastpitch Tournament

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Results from Ed McCormick Men’s Open Fastpitch Tournament In Erie, Pennsylvania

Sunday, August 2nd, 2015

ERIE, Penn. – Check out the scores and statistics of the Ed McCormick tournament.


Annual Ed McCormick Men’s Fastpitch Tournament in Erie, PA

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

ERIE, Penn. – The host hotel for the Ed McCormick Men’s Fastpitch Tournament is the Avalon Hotel & Conference Center. Call Erica Roberts at (814) 459-2220 for information.

  • The ball field address for GPS: 1137 East. 11th St. Erie PA
  • Tournament Contact: Bill Hillhouse, tournament director: call or text 814.392.3369.
  • Pool A (Budweiser Division)

    NY Gremlins
    Toronto Gators
    Circle Tap
    Scarborough Force

    Pool B (Bud Light Division)

    Peligro Sports
    Bloomington Stix
    Hallman Twins
    Hill United Chiefs

    Field A
    9 a.m., Peligro vs. Hill U
    11 a.m., Gators vs. Scar. Force
    1 p.m., Gators vs. CT

    4 p.m., Stix vs. Hill U
    6 p.m., Gremlins vs. Gators
    8 p.m., Hill U vs. Hallman Twins

    Field B
    9 a.m., Stix vs. Hallman Twins
    11 a.m., Gremlins vs. CT
    1 p.m., Gremlins vs. Scarb. Force

    4 p.m., Peligro vs. Hallman Twins
    6 p.m., Scarb. Force vs. CT
    8 p.m., Stix vs. Peligro

    Sunday Playoffs
    8:30 a.m.
    #3 Pool A. vs #2 Pool B
    #2 Pool B vs. #3 Pool A

  • 10 a.m., Winners play #1 from each pool
  • 12 p.m, Championship
  • Peligro Gremlins roll out 2015 roster and schedule

    Friday, April 17th, 2015

    The Peligro Gremlins released their 2015 ISC Roster and it appears loaded with international talent from the Americas – north and south.

    The Peligro Gremlins are slated to play a challenging tournament schedule in Quebec City, Au Sable Forks, New York; the Ed McCormick Invitational in Erie, Penn.; and the ASA Major National Championship in Ashland, Ohio, July 23-26, and the ISC World Tournament in South Bend, Ind., Aug. 8-15.

    2015 Peligro Gremlins Roster

  • Steven Mullady – Staten Island, NY
  • Mike Loureiro – Lnden, NJ
  • John Schreiber – Staten Island, NY
  • German Sacks – Argentina
  • Roman Godoy – Argentina
  • Leonardo Latasa – Argentina
  • Chris Heinlein – Holts Summit, Missouri
  • Lalo Garcia – Mexico
  • Robert Santiago – Staten Island, NY
  • Matt Ratliff – Prevo, UT
  • Shea Bryant – Haslett, Michigan
  • Ladislao Malarczuk – Argentina
  • Steve Schwartz – Staten Island, NY
  • Paul Walford – Clearwater, Florida
  • Rodd Bray – Staten Island, NY
    • Managerial and Coaching Staff
  • Vern Shaut – Manager
  • Thomas Unger – Coach
  • Paul Walford – Coach