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Umentum family to be honored at Boys of Summer tourney

Sunday, July 12th, 2015

Andrew Pekarek, Press-Gazette Media (original story)

DENMARK, Wisc. – The clothesline was put to the test every summer at the Umentum household.

A collection of eight brothers and their numerous fastpitch softball uniforms made sure of it.

“It was kind of a joke when we were younger,” Dan Umentum said. “People would say stuff like, ‘Do you guys have another pair of clothes other than a uniform?’ It was usually almost every day playing for us back then.”

Burt Umentum added, “All summer if we weren’t baling hay, we were playing ball.”

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A couple of F100s, it’s all the pitching you’ll need

Friday, May 28th, 2010

First written, January 23, 2000, but applies still today

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YUCAIPA, CA – I spotted it along County Line Road. The baby-blue Ford F100 seemed to eye me as I slowly drove by, imploring me to turn around. I finally did.

It had a “For Sale” sign taped to its side window: 1967 Ford F100, straight six, three-speed manual transmission, tow package, heavy-duty radiator, strong runner.

It was exceptionally clean. And solid.

This F100 would have made my dad a proud owner. “Solid,” he’d have said emphatically. “Nothing fancy, but that F100 will do the job just fine. It’s a shame they don’t build trucks like THIS anymore.”

This brings me to men’s fastpitch pitchers, two types specifically: First, there’s the solid, durable type who sweat through a 40 to 50 game season. Eager to take the ball, an F100 EXPECTS his name to be on the scorecard. If it isn’t, he demands to know why.

And there’s the other breed, those pitchers content to be a number three or four. They’ve got talent, but they’re seldom used on the big-money teams they choose to pitch for. Instead they just sit the bench, along just for the free ride, accepting their role as the ‘insurance policy’.

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20th Annual Best of The West men’s fastpitch tournament features world’s best

Friday, May 28th, 2010

World’s top men’s fastpitch softball teams and star athletes from the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Mexico, and South America to showcase prestigious tournament.

SANTA BARBARA, CA – Ten strong ball clubs will converge on the central California coastal resort city of Santa Barbara for the 20th Annual “Best of The West” men’s fastpitch softball tournament.

The longest running Open Tournament held in California returns to the three field softball complex at Elings Park on June 5th and 6th. Each team will play a three game modified round robin schedule on Saturday June 5, and all 10 teams will qualify for a single elimination playoff bracket on Sunday June 6.

Two berths in the 2010 ISC World Tournament will be handed out to the top two finishing ISC Western Region ball clubs, using only their 2010 ISC submitted rosters. Six of the ten teams have turned in official ISC Rosters, and those six teams will be battling for the two berths.

“This is probably the most talented gathering of teams that we have fielded in our 20 years of running this Tournament,” said Dave Blackburn, Best of The West Tournament Director. “We will be showcasing the skills of lots of former ISC All-World players, and some who are even probable future ISC Hall of Fame inductees.”

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California Classic brings open-level fastpitch back to Southern California

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

“We are hoping to make the California Classic the premiere tournament in the Western U.S.” – Chris McGehee

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BAKERSFIELD, CA – Once upon a time, Southern California was blessed with an abundance of open-level men’s fastpitch tournaments.

The Long Beach Nitehawks, The Lakewood Jets, the Vista Bombers, and the city of Oceanside hosted annual tournaments. These renowned tournaments drew world-class teams from throughout California and the southwest.

But those tournaments have long disappeared.

But three men have launched a Southern California revival of sorts. Dave Weldin, Chris McGehee, and Robert McCormick – all from Bakersfield – have banded together to create the “2010 California Classic.”

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Lee’s great but he ain’t no Zack

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

Photos of 1995 ISC World Tournament.
By BOB OTTO / Writer & Photographer

YUCAIPA, CA – The Philadelphia Phillies Cliff Lee is a great baseball pitcher. And the number he did on the Yankees in the opening game of the World Series is remarkable: A complete game, six hits allowed along with 10 strikeouts in Philadelphia’s, 6-1, win.

But Lee ain’t no Darren Zack.

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Fastpitch softball fans, plan now to attend the 2010 ISC World Tournament

Friday, August 28th, 2009

ISC header

MIDLAND, MICHIGAN – The 2010 International Softball Congress (ISC) Men’s Fastpitch Softball World Tournament, along with the ISC II Tournament of Champions is coming to Midland, Aug. 14-21, 2010.

The ISC World Tournament features some of the world’s best teams and players from the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, South and Central Americas, and Europe. While the ISC II Tournament of Champions showcases the top teams from the U.S. and Canada.

Never seen the the male side of fastpitch softball? Then take a look at the 2000 ISC World Tournament that was held in St. Joseph, Missouri. These are the kind of thrills and action you will see when you attend the 2010 ISC World Tournament in Midland, Mich. Aug 14-21.
Photos By BOB OTTO

So fastpitch fans, plan early to attend the eight day event at Midland, a city long steeped in men’s fastpitch softball tradition. In the 2009 ISC World Tournament, the Midland Explorers finished 9th in the 24-team event with a 4-2 record.

The Midland Explorers Booster Club and Host Committee is pleased to announce it’s website for the 2010 ISC World Tournament and ISC II Tournament of Champions at:

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