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Wisconsin’s Circle Tap loaded with foreign talent

Sunday, February 9th, 2014


Matt Palazzo from Iowa who will be wearing the Circle Tap uniform after spending last season with the California A’s. Photo By BOB OTTO / 2013 California Classic

DENMARK, WISC – Arguably Wisconsin is one of the healthier states when it comes to men’s fastpitch softball. I think I’ll get agreement on that. So when I see that Circle Tap’s 2014 ISC roster has only five Wisconsin players listed, it makes you wonder: Can’t U.S. teams find talented position players any more?

Importing foreign pitchers from Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and Venezuela, I get that; we don’t have an abundance of Open-caliber pitchers in the states. But POSITION players? Has the sport fallen on such hard times that we can’t find talented infielders, outfielders and catchers?

I counted and Circle Tap has three Australians, three Argentinians, one Venezuelan, and one player each from Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois and Washington. So, from a 17-player roster just five are from Wisconsin.

Now, I’m not picking on Circle Tap. The way the sport is today, you have to do whatever it takes to win an ISC World Tournament. Over the past three decades, the annual half dozen or so teams that have a legitimate chance of winning the World Tournament have been going the import route – but in the past it was primarily for pitching.

So the bigger question and dilemma: How can men’s fastpitch possibly revive itself in the U.S. if we can’t even entice young talented infielders, outfielders and catchers to our sport?

The 2014 Circle Tap Dukes of Denmark, Wisc.

Justin Colombo Kimberly, WI
Jim Corbett Green Bay, WI
Tom Crouch DeKalb, IL
Chris DeLarwelle Denmark, WI
Joel Goodall Australia
Lucas Goring Apple Valley, MN
Bryan Hansen Denmark, WI
Todd Malnory Menasha, WI
Chris Miljavac St. Joseph, MO
Bruno Motroni Argentina
Matt Palazzo Des Moines, IA
Fernando Petric Argentina
Juan Potolucchio Argentina
Pat Sagdal Richland, WA
Ryan Sinclair Australia
Erick Urbaneja Venezuela
Lewis Weldon Australia

Dean Kane
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