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Will to win drove Fincher to greatness

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010


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“He threw hard and he came to beat you. He believed that you were never supposed to get a hit off him.” – Bob Guy

TUCSON, AZ – Ty Cobb had it. Michael Jordan had it. Joe Namath had it. And so did K.G. Fincher.

All great athletes have it. That indomitable will to win.

For 31 years, from 1955 to 1986, no one in the sport of fastpitch softball competed harder and demanded more of himself than Fincher. No one willed himself to win more than Fincher.

International Softball Congress (ISC) Hall of Famer, Hice Stiles, said that Fincher was the guy you wanted on the mound in the seventh inning with no outs and a runner on third base.

Turn back the clock to the early 1960s. Milt Stark and the Whittier / Downey Impalas are headed to El Paso, Texas and the 4th of July Southwest Softball Classic Invitational Tournament.

The Impalas have ISC Hall of Famer, Don Sarno, hurling for them. But they needed a second pitcher. So they asked Fincher. And he rewarded their confidence.

“Sarno walked a couple of guys, and our manager, Dave Ball, told me to warm up Fincher,” said Stark, former ISC Executive Director, and Hall of Fame member. “Before you know it, Sarno had the bases loaded with nobody out.”

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