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Dugout Memorial Weekend Men’s Fastpitch Tournament in Cushing, Wisc.

Saturday, March 26th, 2016

CUSHING, Wisc. – The Dugout men’s fastpitch team is hosting their annual Memorial Weekend Tournament, May 27-29 (and possibly on the 30th if needed).

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Small town Cushing, a hot draw in men’s fastpitch

Thursday, May 28th, 2015
The Dugout team honored their teammate, the late Pete Kelly, during the 12th Annual Dugout Memorial Weekend Tournament in Cushing, Wisconsin. Courtesy Photo

The Dugout team honored their teammate, the late Pete Kelly, during the 12th Annual Dugout Memorial Weekend Tournament in Cushing, Wisconsin. Courtesy Photo

CUSHING, Wisc. – Wisconsin is dotted with many rural, small towns surrounded by farm fields, forests and pastures. One such small town located in this idyllic setting in the northwest part of the state is Cushing.

Cushing folks, numbering about 100 to 150, have quite a few outdoor activities to choose from: they can hike, they can camp, they can boat, and they can hunt and fish.

And for the more competitively inclined, they can play men’s fastpitch softball.

Cushing might be small in population, but it’s big in softball, with no less than four teams – Dugout Bar and Grill, Suzy Q’s, the Tigers, and the Heat – playing fastpitch.


And for over 20 years, Cushing has drawn teams from near and far for its Memorial weekend tournament. The past 12 years Dugout has hosted the tournament, led by tournament directors Steve Loney and Les Dietmeier.

This year’s tourney – the 12th Annual Dugout Memorial Weekend Tournament – drew nine teams from Wisconsin and Minnesota, with Tin Cup of St. Paul, Minnesota taking the title over instate-rival Ostrander.

So how has Cushing preserved its fastpitch roots, while the sport fades away in many larger towns and cities throughout the country?

“We all grew up playing fastpitch, or the younger kids dad’s played, or they are still playing,” said Dietmeier, who plays for Dugout.

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Plan For Dugout Memorial Weekend Men’s Fast Pitch Tournament in Cushing, Wisconsin

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014


CUSHING, Wisc. – For 10 years the small town of Cushing, located in northwest Wisconsin and bordering Minnesota, has hosted a men’s fastpitch tournament. And every year it appears to get better and more popular.

The tournament will return once again in 2014 through the efforts of the Dugout Men’s Fastpitch team and tournament directors Steve Loney and Les Dietmeier. The men hope to expand the tournament just a bit.

“We are getting ready to host The 11th annual Dugout Memorial Day Weekend (May 23-25 with the 26th a possible added day) Tournament,” Dietmeier said through email. “This year we are looking to add a few new teams coming from St Paul, Minnesota.”

St. Paul is located about 60 miles south of Cushing and is one of the remaining enclaves in Minnesota where the sport has retained some of its popularity.

The travel appears to be an easy commute for fastpitch players and fans from the Twin Cities area.

When: May 23, 24, 25 and possibly the 26th
Where: Cushing, Wisc.
Entry Fee: $225 (game balls furnished)
Additional Details: Concession and beer stand at the ball park (no carry on coolers allowed), and camping available

Contact Information:

Steve Lonney at 715-483-3057; stevesvideoproduction@yahoo.com
Les Dietmeier at 715-483-3749; idietmeier@yahool.com

Dugout Men’s Fastpitch reaching a memorial milestone

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013


CUSHING, WISC – Men’s fastpitch softball tournaments are getting harder to find in many parts of the U.S. But in Cushing, Wisconsin, a long-standing tradition continues: The 10th Annual Dugout Fastpitch Memorial Weekend Tournament.

And tournament organizers Les Dietmeier and Steve Loney want not only to keep the tradition alive in Cushing, but to make it bigger, better and more exciting. So there have been some enhancements that should appeal to ball clubs this year.

“There is no team limit, the more the better,” said Dietmeier. “last year we had nine teams. Hopefully this year we can get 10 or more. Something new this year is we are trying to have a band playing on Saturday night after the games.”

Though this will be the 10th year of a Memorial Weekend tourney in Cushing, the town (Pop. about 200) has been hosting men’s fastpitch tournaments for over 20 years. So there’s a strong commitment in keeping fastpitch alive in these parts.

Take your cuts in Cushing on Memorial Day Weekend.

Cushing is located about 65 miles northeast of Minneapolis and St. Paul; near the western border of Wisconsin. It’s a small town with small town charm, but nearby are four hotels and for those who like to camp, there are beautiful lakes and campgrounds nearby.

The tournament will be held May 25-27, with the 28th set aside if needed to provide for additional teams entering the competition.

Teams eligible must be rated NAFA AA and lower, or ASA Class B or lower.

And the entry fee? Just $200. What a bargain.

For more information, contact Les Dietmeier at 715-483-3749 or Steve Loney, 715-483-3057.

Dugout Fastpitch hosting Memorial Day Weekend Tournament in Cushing, Wisconsin

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Looking for a great tournament over Memorial Day weekend? Looking for some fastpitch fun in northwestern Wisconsin? Then enter the Dugout Fastpitch Memorial Day Weekend Tournament. Photo By BOB OTTO / 2010 NAFA World Series

CUSHING, WI – For over 20 years, the small Wisconsin town of Cushing has hosted a men’s fastpitch softball tournament on Memorial Day weekend. And for the past nine years, the Dugout Men’s Fastpitch team has hosted the event.

And this year, Les Dietmeier of the Dugout team wants to make the event even bigger and better.

“Last year’s tourney was attended by 10 teams,” he said. “We had one team from Duluth (Minn.) and one from Rice Lake (Wisc.). We are trying to get this tourney back to where it was in the good old days when every team wanted in, and it ran for four days.”

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