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For ISC Hall of Famer Lanny Rupp, softball was his life

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

The late Lanny Rupp was inducted into the class of 2011 ISC Hall of Fame and he is also a member of the Long Beach (Calif) Hall of Fame.
Courtesy Photo / Ronnie Rupp

LONG BEACH, CA – In the 1970s and ’80s, great players, great teams and great managers abounded in Southern California’s Western Softball Congress.

But when it came to recruiting, no one was greater than the late Lanny Rupp.

Rupp was the general manager and manager of the Lakewood Jets. If Rupp wanted to sign a top-caliber player, he went after him with a salesman’s charm and a bulldog’s gusto.

Most times, he landed his target.

“He worked, he plotted, he planned and he recruited, recruited, recruited,” said Hice Stiles, who played with and against Rupp in the Western Softball Congress (WSC).

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