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Saturday, June 27th, 2015

Ty Stofflet.1web The great United States pitcher, Ty Stofflet, had a 0.00 ERA in the 1976 ISF Men’s World Softball Championship, not allowing an earned run in 59 innings.

SASKATOON, CANADAChamp’s Chatter, the official news letter of the 14th ISF Men’s World Softball Championship released its second edition, for Saturday, and will be publishing daily until the end of the tournament on July 4.

Produced by Communications Manager Mark Loehndorf, the news letter provides brief summaries of games, commentary about players and teams, and the latest edition includes several beautiful opening ceremony and action pictures.

    Here’s an interesting sample from the second edition.
  • Lowest Earned Run Average in the history of ISF world championships is 0.00, that several great pitchers can lay claim to:

    Joe Lynch (USA) 22 innings; Harvey Sterkel (USA) 21 innings; Victor Guzman (PUR) 17 innings, 1968;Ty Stofflet (USA) 59 innings, 1976; Owen Walford (USA) 35 innings, 1980; Michael White (NZL) 35? innings; Gene McWillie (CAN) 18 innings; Bill Lunney (CAN) 15 innings, 1984; Esteban Gomez (CUB) 23 innings; Chubb Tangaroa (NZL) 22 innings, 1988; Michael White (USA) 14 innings, 2004; Andrew Kirkpatrick (AUS) 19 innings, 2009.

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