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Remembering Mike Solz, Minnesota men’s fastpitch icon

Wednesday, February 27th, 2019

MIKE SOLZ manages Danny’s Northeast men’s fastpitch team and he’s also the president of the Park Classic Men’s Fastpitch League. Minneapolis Star Photo by Russell Bull / July 17, 1965

Minneapolis Star Staff Writer

The Star Salutes: Softball Pilot Loop Prexy

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – Being a manager of a team in the league of which he is president doesn’t seem unusual at all to a veteran of 35 years of Minneapolis men’s fastpitch softball.

Saluted by the Minneapolis Star today, MIKE SOLZ is manager of Danny’s Northeast team and president of the Park Classic Men’s Fastpitch League.

And for good reason.

“At a meeting last spring with Park Board officials, I agreed to the job to help keep the league going and even try to expand it at fields in south and northeast Minneapolis,” said Solz.

Of about 500 softball teams in Minneapolis, 88 per cent of them are in the slowpitch category, the rest in Solz’ type of league.

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Minnesota Computers close season strong at NAFA World Series

Thursday, August 25th, 2016

Mn Computers Collage.llr Minnesota Computers / Coasters Beer Garden of St. Paul / Minneapolis turned around a sluggish season with an exceptional perforance at the 2016 NAFA A-Division World Series at Caswell Park in North Mankato, to finish second in the 50-team tournament with a 6-2 record. Courtesy Photo / Matt Fitzenberger

ST. PAUL / Minneapolis – If manager Richard Quigley were to grade his ball club for the regular season, he’d probably hand out a big red F. But in post-season play, he would surely have to swap it for a big shiny A+. Maybe even hand out some gold stars.

The Minnesota Computers / Coasters Beer Garden men’s fastpitch team plodded through the regular season with a so-so record. They finished fourth in the 12-team Dunning League at 6-4-2.

And in tournament play, they took third at Milltown, Wisconsin (3-2), and had a dismal weekend at the Hollywood tournament, going 0-4.

It’s the kind of results that will have opponents thinking we’ll crush these patsies. But pity the team with this thought in the post-season.

For MN Computers woke from its slumber to have an outstanding NAFA A-Division World Series at North Mankato, Aug. 19-21, at Caswell Park.


MN Computers fashioned a 6-2 record to finish runner-up to the Buzzards of Taft, California, who claimed the 24th Annual A-Division Championship with a 7-1 record in the 50-team tournament.

Quigley is as puzzled as anyone about how his team can suddenly turn mediocrity into excellence, like flipping a light switch from off to on.

“We’re a veteran team that was horrible until state (tournament) and NAFA World Series,” said Quigley. “But both seasons (2015, 2016) at the end were huge successes.”

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