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Lots of yakking at Uncle Ray’s donut shop

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

YUCAIPA, CA – Around mid-morning seven days a week anywhere from four to 10 coffee klatch yakers with little else to do gather at Uncle Ray’s donut shop on County Line Road.

This opinionated crew of paunchy, balding, and long-winded oldsters from ages 60 to 80s includes Motorcycle Paul, Truck Drivin’ Shorty, Big Hugh, Jim, Da’ Coach Jim, Rod, Pony Tail Andy, Dan the teacher man, and yours’ truly – known simply as the reporter, who never gets anyone’s name spelled right.

We’re all retired, nearing retirement, or desperately yearn for retirement. No subject is off limits. However, we tread lightly when it comes to religion and one’s political persuasion. And we try to clean up our language when women dare venture into our manly domain.

Once two women left in a huff when the subject of Sarah Palin came up. No, they weren’t upset about us mouthing off about her political views. But when we began surmising how the ex-governor of Alaska might look in a two-piece bathing suite totting a shotgun while hunting wild game that seemed to touch a nerve.

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