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Otto’s Got A-Lotta-Bull

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Where my new business enterprise starts.

YUCAIPA, CA – I’m starting a new business and I think it’ll be successful for two reasons: My product is in great demand and I’ve got an unending, free supply.

I volunteer at a horse rescue ranch. And all 25 of our horses are fed the finest hay and grain. And of course, what goes in the front end of a horse must come out the back end. And that’s where my business starts.

Yup, I’m going into the horse manure business. Hey, why not? I’ve developed a great rapport with all the horses. And I’m confident they’ll work round-the-clock supplying me with all the horse pooh I can possibly sell.

And to all my customers, I make this promise: My “product” will be the freshest around. In fact, it won’t even touch the ground until it reaches your garden or flowerbed.

All I need is a wheelbarrow and my quick feet. When I see a horse raise its tail, signaling me that the product is about to flow, I’ll race over with my wheelbarrow and push it right under the horse’s tail.

And I’ll hear the sweet sound of “plop, plop.” That’ll be money to my ears.

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