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Cursed camera envy

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Photos of the Summit (boys) SkyHawks and Rialto girl’s basketball teams that both won Southern California Regional Division II championships. Fontana and Rialto are neighboring cities that have strong basketball programs.
Photos By BOB OTTO

YUCAIPA, CA – Last Saturday I photographed the Fontana Summit boy’s basketball game against the Lincoln Hornets of San Diego for the Southern California Division II championship at the USC Galen Center.

I came away with what we in photojournalism call, “camera envy.” Actually, by the time the game ended, I had a raging case of it.

I sidled in and sat down amongst six other photographers along the baseline of the Summit basket. It was like I was driving a Chevy Impala (a very nice car) and had pulled into a parking lot in Beverly Hills full of Lexus, Mercedes, BMW’s, and even a Lamborghini or two.

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Bob, what’s in your camera bag?

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

YUCAIPA – At times when I’m out covering a ball game curious folks will look at the camera equipment hanging around my neck and begin asking me questions.

That looks like a nice camera, what kind is it? What size lens do you use? How much do they cost? And what would you recommend?

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