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Young Venezuelan spends summer in U.S. working on his fastball pitching

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Erick Chaparro, 18, of Venezuela has spent part of his summer pitching fastball in the U.S. Courtesy Photo

OMAHA, NEB – A summer of travel, sight seeing, meeting new people and making new friends. And of course softball – fastball style. And lots of it.

Erick Chaparro of Maracaibo, Venezuela has experienced all of the above. But the last part, the fastball; he’s gotten a heavy dose of that, and he loves it – USA style.

By Sunday, August 19, the 18-year-old right-hander will have played in the NAFA World Series in four divisions, which just might be a NAFA record. He pitched in the A-Major division with the Winnipeg Bullets and for Black Gold of Missouri in the AA last week.

And this weekend, he’s back in Topeka, Kansas for the NAFA A and the Young Men’s 23-Under championship. This is his first experience pitching in NAFA, and he likes what he’s seen.

“The competition is really good,” he said. “They’re pretty good hitters, and compared to Venezuela fastball, they are similar. I play with my college team (National College in Maracaibo) and here the hitters are better than my college teams.”

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