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Tin Cup of St. Paul Repeats As Rice Lake Invitational Tournament Champions

Thursday, June 16th, 2016

MinnCompBouley.371lrTyler Bouley of Tin Cup was selected to the all-tournament team at the Rice Lake Invitational Tournament. Photo By BOB OTTO / 2014 NAFA World Series

By RONN KOPP / NAFA President

RICE LAKE, Wisc. – After falling 7-5 to Ostrander Images in the winner’s bracket final, defending champion Tin Cup of Saint Paul posted four wins in a row including a pair against the same Ostrander squad, 4-1 and 5-1, in the championship series to capture the top spot in the 38th annual Rice Lake Invitational Men’s Fastpitch Tournament held in conjunction with the city’s Aquafest celebration. It was the second straight Invitational crown for Tin Cup.

The champs opened with a 6-0 win over Striker’s Lanes of Baldwin followed by a 6-2 triumph over the host team Rice Lake Orangemen to advance to their first confrontation with Ostrander. A 13-0 whitewashing of Odin Fastpitch of southwestern Minnesota paved the way for the championship rematch with Ostrander Images.

The Images of southeastern Minnesota opened tourney play with a 13-6 triumph over Odin and a 9-8 win over Meister Dairy of Muscoda, Wisconsin to reach the winner’s final versus Tin Cup.

Odin Fastpitch claimed third place honors and Striker’s Lanes finished fourth.

The local Orangemen opened the tournament with a 8-0 win over Ben’s Northern Bar-Eagle Strategies of Luck and followed with a 10-1 victory over Len’s Automotive of Saint Paul. After the 6-2 loss to Tin Cup an 11-2 defeat at the hands of Odin Fastpitch eliminated the Rice Lake squad from further play.

Also taking part in the tourney were Wisconsin entries Animal House of La Crosse, C.J.’s Bar-Pleasantville Lions of Whitehall, and Dugout Bar & Grill of Cushing. A 12th team, 18-year entry Sawdust City of Eau Claire, withdrew just prior to the start of the event.


1. Tin Cup, St. Paul MN 5-1
2. Ostrander Images, Ostrander MN 3-3
3. Odin Fastpitch, Odin MN 5-2
4. Striker’s Lanes, Baldwin WI 4-2
5. Orangemen, Rice Lake WI 2-2
Meister Dairy, Muscoda WI 1-2
7. Animal House, La Crosse WI 1-3
Dugout Bar & Grill, Cushing WI 1-3
9. C.J.’s Bar-Pleasantville Lions, Whitehall WI 2-2
Len’s Automotive, St. Paul MN 1-3
11. Ben’s Northern Bar-Eagle Strategies, Luck WI 0-3


1. C.J.’s Bar-Pleasantville Lions 3, Dugout Bar and Grill 2
2. Orangemen 8, Ben’s Northern Bar-Eagle Strategies 0
3. Striker’s Lanes 6, Animal House 2
4. Ostrander Images 13, Odin Fastpitch 6
5. Meister Dairy 11, C.J.’s Bar-Pleasantville Lions 8
6. Orangemen 10, Len’s Automotive 1
7. Tin Cup 6, Striker’s Lanes 0
8. Odin Fastpitch 7, Ben’s Northern Bar-Eagle Strategies 6
9. C.J.’s Bar-Pleasantville Lions 11, Animal House 3
10. Len’s Automotive 7, Dugout Bar and Grill 0 (forfeit)
11. Animal House 5, Ben’s Northern Bar-Eagle Strategies 4
12. Striker’s Lanes 7, Len’s Automotive 6
13. Dugout Bar and Grill 7, C.J.’s Bar-Pleasantville Lions 6
14. Odin Fastpitch 2, Len’s Automotive 1
15. Striker’s Lanes 7, Animal House 1
16. Odin Fastpitch 5, Dugout Bar and Grill 4
17. Ostrander Images 9, Meister Dairy 8
18. Tin Cup 6, Orangemen 2
19. Striker’s Lanes 8, Meister Dairy 4
20. Odin Fastpitch 11, Orangemen 2
21. Ostrander Images 7, Tin Cup 5
22. Odin Fastpitch 5, Striker’s Lanes 2
23. Tin Cup 13, Odin Fastpitch 0
24. Tin Cup 4, Ostrander Images 1
25. Tin Cup 5, Ostrander Images 1

PITCHER – Justin Davis, Odin Fastpitch
PITCHER – Grady Wold, Stiker’s Lanes
CATCHER – Tyler Bouley, Tin Cup
CATCHER – Travis Thompson, Orangemen
INFIELD – Sam Nieman, Tin Cup
INFIELD – Brandon Meiners, Ostrander Images
INFIELD – Luke King, Ostrander Images
INFIELD – Brandon Friedrichs, Odin Fastpitch
INFIELD – Mike Groch, Rice Lake Orangemen
OUTFIELD – Brett Legler, Ostrander Images
OUTFIELD – Mark Mohar, Odin Fastpitch
OUTFIELD – Miles Helgeson, Striker’s Lanes
OUTFIELD – J.W. Dachel, Bol’s Lanes
UTILITY – Matt Stuhr, Rice Lake Orangemen
MOST VALUABLE PLAYER – Pita Rona (pitcher-centerfielder), Tin Cup
Ronn Kopp – ronnkopp@charter.net