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World has pulled way ahead in fast-pitch softball

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Quad-City Times
By Don Doxsie

If you were planning to head out to the ISC World fast-pitch softball tournament at Moline’s Greenvalley Complex in the next few days to root on the local entries, forget it.

Too late. They’re gone, eliminated, sent to the sidelines.

The last of them disappeared Wednesday afternoon when the Quad-City Sox lost to Pete’s Blues of Mascoutah, Ill., 5-2, in a loser’s bracket contest. You can rest assured that the Sox, the Quad-City Silver Bullets, the Quad-City Subway Titans, the Walcott Tri-County All-Stars and the Thomson Merchants gave it everything they had for the home fans.

But this truly is a world tournament. And it seems if your roster isn’t amply stocked with players from Canada, Australia and New Zealand, your chances of winning the big trophy are extremely bleak.

“It’s too bad because it’s a great game,” said Randy Kramer, player-manager of the Albaugh team of Elkhart, Iowa, which played in the winner’s bracket semifinals Wednesday night. “It’s fun, exciting, fast-paced, challenging. It’s just a great game.”

But it long ago stopped being America’s game. Continue Reading