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Minister to the rescue

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Two men are stranded on a remote, deserted island.

The one man says, “We’re doomed. No one will ever find us. We’ll die here.”

The other man, very rich and a billionaire, who donates millions to his church said, “No, no. We’ll be out of here in ten days for sure. Trust me.”

“How can you possibly know that,” says the other man.

“Each month I give a $100,000 check to my minister for our church,” said the rich man.

“But what’s that got to do with finding us?” said the other man.

“My minister’s due to pick up my check in 10 days.”

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King for a day

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

YUCAIPA – My wish has finally been granted. I’ve been anointed “King For A Day.”

The call came early yesterday morning. An official-sounding voice said, “you have 24 hours to enact all the decrees you wish. Then you must abdicate your throne.”

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