Rice Lake-Cameron Boy’s Fastpitch League

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Wilber Lime wins seventh title in Rice Lake Aquafest

Friday, June 29th, 2012

RICE LAKE, WI – It was the same two teams – Wilber Lime of Galesville and The Bar of Appleton Athletics – who locked horns in the championship game a year ago; and who now met once again, battling for the 34th annual 2012 Aquafest Men’s Fastball crown, June 15-17 at Tate Park in Rice Lake.

But this time the result was reversed as Wilber – the winners of six previous Invitational titles – rallied from a 7-2 second inning deficit to prevail in a slugfest, 15-7.

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The Loews: A fastpitch softball family

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

By Bob Otto
Freelance Writer / Photographer

RICE LAKE, WI – If you’re looking for the Loew family, they won’t be too hard to find. Just swing by Tate Park or the high school softball field and one, two, or perhaps all six boys and their dad can be found pitching, catching, or hitting a softball.

And only fastpitch style. You won’t catch this clan playing slowpitch.

Gary Loew – the father of Travis, 32, Tristan, 30, Mike, 22, Mark, 20, Max, 17, and Morgan 15 – proudly states: “We are a fastpitch softball family.”

This family of athletes, love, live, and breathe fastpitch softball in this town of 8,320 in the northwest part of Wisconsin. A state revered for it’s legacy in men’s and boy’s fastpitch softball.

And the boys have dad and their mother Debbie along with the Rice Lake – Cameron Boy’s Fastpitch Softball League to thank for launching and nurturing their fastpitch careers.

Gary Loew began playing in the boy’s league when he was 9. But he figured that was a bit late to start his boys in the sport. So he launched their careers at the tender ages of 3, 4, and 5. And for 26 years, Gary Loew has coached his boys and hundreds of others in the league.

Currently he has 15-year-old Morgan pitching for his Red’s team that Morgan says carries a 3-1 record in the early going.

“If it wasn’t for my dad or the league, I would have to look for somewhere else to pitch,” Morgan said. “With my older brothers playing, I have shoes to fill. I’m lucky to have a brother like Max to work with me.”

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