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Minnesota Computers close season strong at NAFA World Series

Thursday, August 25th, 2016

Mn Computers Collage.llr Minnesota Computers / Coasters Beer Garden of St. Paul / Minneapolis turned around a sluggish season with an exceptional perforance at the 2016 NAFA A-Division World Series at Caswell Park in North Mankato, to finish second in the 50-team tournament with a 6-2 record. Courtesy Photo / Matt Fitzenberger

ST. PAUL / Minneapolis – If manager Richard Quigley were to grade his ball club for the regular season, he’d probably hand out a big red F. But in post-season play, he would surely have to swap it for a big shiny A+. Maybe even hand out some gold stars.

The Minnesota Computers / Coasters Beer Garden men’s fastpitch team plodded through the regular season with a so-so record. They finished fourth in the 12-team Dunning League at 6-4-2.

And in tournament play, they took third at Milltown, Wisconsin (3-2), and had a dismal weekend at the Hollywood tournament, going 0-4.

It’s the kind of results that will have opponents thinking we’ll crush these patsies. But pity the team with this thought in the post-season.

For MN Computers woke from its slumber to have an outstanding NAFA A-Division World Series at North Mankato, Aug. 19-21, at Caswell Park.


MN Computers fashioned a 6-2 record to finish runner-up to the Buzzards of Taft, California, who claimed the 24th Annual A-Division Championship with a 7-1 record in the 50-team tournament.

Quigley is as puzzled as anyone about how his team can suddenly turn mediocrity into excellence, like flipping a light switch from off to on.

“We’re a veteran team that was horrible until state (tournament) and NAFA World Series,” said Quigley. “But both seasons (2015, 2016) at the end were huge successes.”

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Minnesota Sports Federation 2016 Men’s Fastpitch State Tournament

Saturday, July 30th, 2016

MSF-NSF Banner.1lr

NORTH MANKATO, Minn. – The next two weeks will decide championships in three classes of the Minnesota Sports Federation (MSF) Men’s Fastpitch North American Championship at Caswell Park in North Mankato.

The Class B (13 teams) and Class D (9 teams) tournaments are being held July 30-31, while the Class C (19 teams) tournament takes place Aug. 5-7. The Minnesota Sports Federation is the leading supporter of men’s fastpitch in the state and annually offers post-season championships.

State Commissioner Perry Coonce and Assistant State Commissioner Dan Bradley have long supported men’s fastpitch. To learn more, visit the MSP website.


MSF Class B
MSF Class C
MSF Class D

  • A special thanks to Richard Quigley, manager and sponsor of Minnesota Computers for providing this information. Minnesota Computers is competing in the Class B tournament and opened the tournament Saturday morning.
  • Minnesota Computers Battling For NAFA World Series A Division Title

    Friday, August 14th, 2015
    The North American Fastpitch Association offers World Series tournaments for all caliber of players - from age 23-Under to Masters, 65-over. Visit for information to register your team.

    The North American Fastpitch Association offers World Series tournaments for all caliber of players – from age 23-Under to Masters, 65-over. Visit for information to register your team.

    QUAD CITIES, IA/IL – Minnesota Computers / Coasters Beer Garden of St. Paul has a 2-1 record in the NAFA A Division World Series at Green Valley Sports Complex in Moline, Ill.

    The St. Paul team that won the Minnesota Sports Federation Class C Men’s State Championship last weekend, won two straight, beating the Iowa Juggernaut, 14-7 and then survived a tough battle with Artisan of Missouri, 3-1.

    But on Friday afternoon, Minnesota Computers lost 8-5 to Meister Dairy of Wisconsin (4-0) to drop into the losers bracket. The championship is scheduled for Sunday at 1:15 p.m.


    Brian Waldvogel 4 RBI, .750 avg., 3-for-4
    Steven Halverson 4 RBI, .800 Avg., 4-for-5
    Richard Quigley
    Kyle Krumenacher
    Joe Rossman
    Scott Emerson
    Gregg Lammers
    Dean Koopman
    Chris Isaacson
    Ryan Thomas
    Joe Reinert
    John Braun
    Adam Johnson
    Matt Fitzenberger
    Robb Enslin
    Corey Noren
    Ryan Bouley
    Blair Selk

    Hollywood Wild West Men’s Fastpitch Tournament, huge payout

    Thursday, July 2nd, 2015


    WATERTOWN, Minn. – “Chopper’s Annual July Tournament,” one of the longest and best run men’s fastpitch tournaments in Minnesota will be held, July 10-12, at the Hollywood Sports Complex in Watertown.

    The tournament is organized around NAFA rules

  • Entry fee $250
  • Four games guaranteed
  • All NAFA classes included: A, A-Major, AA and AA-Major
  • Sunday includes two divisions A and B depending on team record
  • $1,000 1st place in A division
  • $350 1st place B division
  • Free camping available for RV’s, trailers or tents
  • The bar offers great food and your favorite beverages
    Chopper Lammers 763-274-8911
    Minnesota Computers Fastpitch SoftballRichard Quigley 612-749-7490

    Hollywood Sports Complex
    15950 County Road 122, Watertown, MN 55388
    (952) 955-2424

    Want to play more fastpitch at the NAFA World Series?

    Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

    QUAD CITIES, IA/IL – It’s possible a team or two may need additional players for the NAFA A World Series, so if you’re interested in checking this out, call Richard Quigley at 612-749-7490. He will fill you in on the details.

    RFG survives Fireplace to take 35th Annual Chopper’s Hollywood Tournament

    Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

    lammersGreg.59web Greg ‘Chopper’ Lammers in action at the 2013 NAFA World Series in Des Moines, Iowa. Photo By BOB OTTO

    HOLLYWOOD SPORTS COMPLEX, WATERTOWN, Minn. – Wisconsin native Scott Emerson pitched all three games to lead the RFG of St. Paul, Minn. to the championship of the 35th Annual Chopper’s Hollywood Tournament at the Hollywood Sports Complex near Watertown, July 12-13.

    But the title game wasn’t easy, as it took eight innings before RFG could defeat Fireside Specialties, 5-4, to take the title.

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    35th Annual Chopper’s Hollywood Tournament

    Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

    WATERTOWN, Minn. – Chopper’s Hollywood Men’s Fastpitch Tournament is one of the longest running men’s fastpitch tournaments in Minnesota.

    This weekend, July 12-13, marks the 35th consecutive year the popular tournament will be held at the Hollywood Sports Complex near Watertown.

    Eight teams are competing in two pools, with a single elimination format on Sunday to crown a champion.

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    Scandia, Minnesota: Small Town Once a Fastpitch Hotbed

    Monday, June 30th, 2014

    (originally written in 2002)

    SCANDIA, Minn. – For Richard Quigley long summer days and nights at the ballpark were nothing unusual for him and his friends. In Scandia, Minnesota fastpitch softball was popular, the thing to do for young boys. If you didn’t play fastpitch in this small town of less than 100 people, you were left with little else to fill your time.

    Rabid fans squeezed in and around the ball yard for the Tuesday and Thursday night league games. Play was intense. Every pitch, hit or error critical. Every game important.

    Win the league and go to the state tournament. Lose and suffer through a long, cold winter rehashing the could have and should have beens.

    “Scandia was a small town, 67 people when we moved there in 1966,” said Richard Quigley. “We grew up at the ball park. When we would get together for ball, it was always fastpitch. Every kid in town wanted to make the (men’s) team.”

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    Richard Quigley’s back in the fastpitch game

    Monday, June 30th, 2014

    SCANDIA, Minn – Richard Quigley had a belly full of fastpitch. It was time to get out. Time to relax at his cabin on summer weekends after 20 years of crisscrossing Minnesota and Wisconsin from one softball field to the next. So he swore off fastpitch in 1994, vowing never to return.

    Or so he thought.

    But one man wasn’t letting him get away so easily, and was determined to “un-retire” the 54-year-old Quigley.

    “Greg ‘Chopper’ Lammers called me non-stop,” said Quigley with a chuckle.

    And finally in 2012, Chopper’s persistence wore down Quigley’s resistance. He convinced Quigley to “fill in” at a league game because he was short of players.

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    Timeless St. Paul team makes first appearance in NAFA World Series

    Wednesday, August 14th, 2013


    ST. PAUL, MINN – Matt Fitzenberger has played for Morelli’s Fastpitch for about 15 years. But he’s just a youngster when it comes to the storied history of this St. Paul team, and the countless numbers of players who have come long before him and worn the Morelli’s uniform.

    Morelli’s Market in St. Paul has been sponsoring a men’s fastpitch team for over 40 years.

    A baseball player fresh out of college, Fitzenberger was asked by Jim Morelli to play for his team. He accepted and has never left.

    “A lot of original team members got into the game because of Jim,” said Fitzenberger, 30, who is the player / manager of the team.

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