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Al’s hair is turning gray and I’m getting older

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

YUCAIPA, CA – I don’t waste much time worrying about getting older. Nor do I spend time looking in the bathroom mirror, searching for more gray hairs. But every so often I’m reminded that my years keep adding up like the growth rings on a tree trunk.

Today I covered a basketball game at the Kiwanis Tournament in San Bernardino. And I spotted Al Cuizon of the San Bernardino SUN newspaper shooting photos during one of the games. I’ve known Al for many years, so I went over during a timeout to say hello.

We chitchatted a bit. But when he turned his head I noticed a few slivers of gray standing out like green weeds in a golden field of wheat amongst his otherwise black head of hair.

“What’s this, a few grays I see here,” I said jokingly.

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Road trippin’ with Harvey

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

YUCAIPA – The question went something like this: “Harvey, it’s Bob. I’ve got the day off and I’m heading to Huntington Beach for the Yucaipa playoff game. Wanna go along?”

I knew his answer before he uttered a word. And away we went 78 miles through stop and go traffic, and lots of nonstop talk – some important, some B.S., and some mixed with lots of good laughs.

About three-quarters the way there a spike of low blood sugar had me feeling a little light headed, so I handed the keys to Harvey and said “take us the rest of the way.”

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