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Exceptional fastpitch men to know

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Jon Gwizdala, 19, on the pitching rubber. He’s a product of the Vassar League and its commitment to develop young pitchers.
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“Fastpitch here is making a comeback, we’ve developed quite a few pitchers.” – Andy Wadsworth

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REESE, MI – What shape would fastpitch softball be in without the “fastpitch doers?” I think we all know the answer to that.

Recently, I found out about some remarkable men, who live in or about the small towns of Reese, Vassar, Frankenmuth, and Munger, Michigan.

Most of you like myself probably never heard of Don Petro. Del Benson. Pete Bouvy. Ryan Truemner. Andy Wadsworth. Or Eric Rupprecht.

Mark Gwizdala gets congratulated after hitting a home run by Don Petro during a Vassar League game.

These guys are doers. They don’t just talk about reviving the game of men’s fastpitch softball. They go out and get the job done.

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