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Softball tragedy strikes Yucaipa Park

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

YUCAIPA, CA – I took my dog Tassie for a walk this morning at Yucaipa Community Park. And I saw something so terrible that I’m not sure I should even talk about it. But in the interest of preventing further tragedies and travesties of this kind, I feel I must.

So if you’re a little squeamish, quit reading right now. And if you’ve got a weak heart or high blood pressure, please consult with your doctor before reading any further.

As I said I was walking Tassie, and my friend Big “Q” Quiller Holt was walking along with us. We happened by the softball fields, when Big Q blurted out, “Bob! Look over there. I can’t believe what I’m seeing!”

At that same time, my dog fell to the ground. She covered her eyes with both paws and began whining, the like of which I’ve never heard from her before.

Big Q pointed again and commanded me to look, but he added, “make it quick and don’t look too long or you’re gonna be sick.”

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See Photos of Yucaipa Veteran’s Day Ceremony

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

YUCAIPA, CA – About 500 patriotic Americans gathered at Yucaipa Community Park to honor America’s veterans during Veteran’s Day Ceremonies, Wednesday.

To see the ceremony in photos go to the following link:

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