Impressive teams and talent in Amigos Men’s Fastpitch Tournament

Written by Bob on November 6th, 2014
The Amigos Men's Fastpitch Tournament will feature some of sports' outstanding pitchers and players, battling for the championship in this sixth annual event.

The Amigos Men’s Fastpitch Tournament will feature some of sports’ outstanding pitchers and players, battling for the championship in this sixth annual event.

SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA – The 6th Annual Amigos Men’s Fastpitch Tournament, Nov. 15-16, offers a who’s who of top teams, featuring outstanding pitchers and players – some of the best talent in the game today.

  • J&B Painting: Devon McCullough, Tony Mancha, Pat Burnes (Mancha, USA Men’s National Team)
  • East Bay Bashers: Julio Rodriguez, Monty Wells
  • Taft Buzzards: Jon Gwizdala, Zack Lach
  • A1 Construction: Shawn Koster, Ed Gasper
  • CR Portland Brewers: Sebastian Gervasutti, Josh Johnson, Scot Lieph (Johnson, USA Men’s National Team)
  • Little Sumpin: Timmy Parnow, Kat Lawrence, Lou Valencia
  • Stockton Black Sox: Brandon Sharer, Bobby Alvara, Ken Brose
  • Da’hui: Rich Snake Rivera, Eddie Rodriguez

    POOL 1
    J&B Painting (2014 NAFA World Series AA-Major runner-up)
    East Bay Bashers
    Taft Buzzards
    Da Hui

    POOL 2
    A1 Construction
    CR Portland Brewers (2014 NAFA World Series AA-Major champion)
    Stockton Black Sox
    Little Sumpin


    (Home team determined by coin flip)

    Games on field 1
    8:00am East Bay Bashers vs Da Hui
    9:45am J&B Painting vs East Bay Bashers
    12:00pm J&B Painting vs Taft Buzzards
    1:45pm J&B Painting vs Da Hui
    4:00pm East Bay Bashers vs Taft Buzzards
    5:45pm Taft Buzzards vs Da Hui

    Games on field 2
    8:00am A1 Construction vs Stockton Black Sox
    9:45am CR Portland Brewers vs A1 Construction
    12:00pm CR Portland Brewers vs Stockton Black Sox
    1:45pm CR Portland Brewers vs Little Sumpin
    4:00pm A1 Construction vs Little Sumpin
    5:45pm Stockton Black Sox vs Little Sumpin


    (Home team determined by highest seeded team)

    Sunday Games Single Elimination
    8:00 am G1 2nd place pool1 vs 3rd place pool2 at Field 2
    8:00 am G2 2nd place pool2 vs 3rd place pool1 at Field 1
    9:45 am G3 1st place pool1 vs 4th place pool 2 at Field 1
    9:45 am G4 1st place pool2 vs 4th place pool 1 at Field 2
    12:00 pm G5 Winner of G1 vs winner of G4 at Field 2
    12:00 pm G6 Winner of G2 vs winner of G3 at Field 1
    1:45 pm G7 Championship Game (NO TIME LIMIT)

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