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  2. eric legge says:

    biggest mistake in the history of
    the ISC was starting the ii division.

  3. Kammueller says:

    All the leagues and tournaments in MN have converted to the new optic balls. Everyone really like them. We use the Dudley’s which are a pretty fair ball. They are not rocks, but they stay round and if you hit one it will go. There was the usual grumping from the traditionalists, but most people statred to realize that you could actually see these balls at night. Unlike the Nafa ball which turns grey in about and inning or black once the Major pitchers get a hold of them.

  4. Kammueller says:

    I think the Deuce was a good idea at the time, but seems like Fastpitch has gone the route of slowpitch. The masses seem more interested in playing at their lowest possible level of play.

  5. Rich Markham says:

    More great writing! I have enjoyed your writing and photos since I was in San Diego, 1998-2002. Keep it up! Your article on the yellow balls was thought provoking, which I belive is one of the graat characteristics of your pieces. I should point out that as of 2002 when I returned to Ohio, we were using the white 0.50 COR balls in SoCal. The yellow ones that we use in Ohio are 0.47 COR. Last week I pulled out some of the white balls that I purchased in SD. I was amazed at how much faster they came off the bat than the yellow 0.47 COR balls. I will not allow them in batting practice! Another point though is that the bats have become more lively in that same 8-year period. I wear a masked helmet when I pitch now (I’m 69) and advise everyone to do so. An alternative is wood bats. We play a tournamnet in Burgettstown, PA that uses wood bats. (See posts to fastpitchwest.com from a couple of years ago.) Great games and my players love it!

  6. Bob says:

    Hi Rich, great to hear from you, and it’s good to hear you are still involved in the sport. Wow, pitching at age 69 – great, keep it up.

  7. Steven Parks says:

    Hi Bob, great writing as usual. I will however disagree with you on the topic of pitching in SoCal. Recently, we’ve seen a surge in young pitchers in both our Burbank and Sherman Oaks leagues. Not only is Rupp, Blackburn, Barnes, and Ms. Day throwing great fastpitch, but now there are several younger guys who are bringing it. Very fun leagues to play in. You should check it out because its great. The sport is not dying, its coming back. Keep up the great work.

  8. Bob says:

    Hi Steven, this is great news. That’s what it’s going to take, the young guys winging the ball. Hey, you should write a story about some of those youngsters and give them a boost to keep ’em motivated. What nights do the leagues play? Maybe you could write a press release letting others know who to contact about playing. Or if the league directors would write press releases, I’ll post them. And I’m sure Al Doran and Jim Flanagan would as well. Thanks for writing.

  9. Bob, great reporting, keep it coming!


  10. Bob says:

    Thanks Al for posting the stories on alsfastball. The sport needs a revival, but yet with a little looking, there’s still a lot of ball being played across the country(s). Maybe not at the ISC World Tournament caliber. But like Greg Alder said, it starts at the bottom up.

  11. Bob says:

    Unbelievably, someone I talked recently had never heard of “Alsfastball” or “Fastpitchwest”. (I was so shocked that I passed out on the ball diamond and had to be revived mouth-to-mouth by a Lakers’ cheerleader flown in for this special assignment…-:)

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