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  1. Glen Moreland says:

    Nice to see Al get some recognition for his many contributions to the game of fastball. The ISC TOURNAMENT in PEI in 1994 was certainly one to remember! Thanks Al for all you have done for the game!

  2. Without question Al Doran’s contribution to the world of fastpitch is second to nobody. Al has brought the fans of this great sport to the literally to the diamond with his quick precise stats, box scores and results of this great game alot of us love. His website is unbelievable. The up to date tournaments, results, box scores and game summaries have kept thousands and thousands interested in fastpitch. I personally visit his site as much as 10 times a day. Keep up the great work Al. Many of us our hooked and depend on your website to give us our fastball fix. In closing, all the recognition and accolades given to Al Doran are deserved and overdue.

  3. David Noskey says:

    Through Al’s site I was able to keep track of fastball from al across north america.
    please keep up the good work

  4. Debra Horn says:

    We are very grateful to Al for posting material about our upcoming AAU Men’s International Fastpitch Championships and humbled to work with this gentlemen of such great accomplishment. Both he and Ken Hackmeister are incredible. Kudos to you, Al.

  5. wally Kusy says:

    did u ever see the Grimsby Peach Kings great pitcher Ed Unrau great sponsor George vanderburgh had many great pitchers in the Grimsby area

  6. bob harrow says:

    AL DORAN never mind the isc you should be titled king of the world when it comes to mens softball news. The respect you get is well deserved as you respect every one you meet. Hope to see you pop up in aussie again and i’ll sure get the red carpet out for you.

  7. Ross Langill says:

    Al Doran treated me like a friend from the moment we met after exchanging emails for a few months. He offered some great insight into the players and teams when I first started attending games. To this day, I always look forward to seeing Al…sometimes due to his busy schedule it’s just for a quick “hello” but he is the first person I look for when attending tourneys.

  8. People don’t realize how much work goes into doing a site like this. I try to do the same with Slow Pitch. Its a lot of time and work and if you are lucky and have the respect like Al does, some associations and people will help out and try to send you information. But, I just wanted to say to you Fastpitch People, you guys are Blessed to have Al Doran doing what he does. Sincerely, Steve Dimitry (Softball History Web Site), Mostly Slow Pitch though.

  9. Bob says:

    It is a lot of work, but enjoyable. And you are correct, the fastpitch community is very blessed to have Al Doran gathering and distributing the news.

  10. Mike Goodridge says:

    I have known Al for many years. His dedication to the game is unmatched. Always a gentleman the game is much richer because of his contributions

  11. Mike Goodridge says:

    Al Doran is a tremendous ambassador for the game of fastpitch.

  12. Les Barber says:

    A great human being and a Fastball Treasure!

  13. Denise says:

    I well remember Ed Unrau, you knew the change up was coming but you still couldn’t hit it. Lots of great’s back in those days.

  14. Tim Maziarz says:

    Al keeps everybody informed. He keeps the information flowing.

  15. Bob says:

    You’ve got that right Tim. Imagine the void in fastpitch news if he were to retire from the game, which by the way ain’t going to happen for quite some time.

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